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As a large business enterprise, it is extremely important to be on top of the latest technology trends all the time. The software packages have become an integral part of the heart of your business. The selection of suitable software is an important decision-making process as it plays a big part in determining the direction your company is heading.

Usually, Large Enterprises opt for software that can resolve a lot of their challenges on one go. It should have various user-level roles for streamlined operational performance.

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    At HLB HAMT, we undertake large-scale enterprise projects for business organizations and government agencies across the middle-east. Such projects involve a large amount of data handling by hundreds of users across the organizational hierarchy. Most of our clients, emphasize on getting a robust software platform which caters all of their project management requirements as well as handles their workforce efficiently. HLB HAMT partners with world-class large-scale enterprise providers like SAP, SAGE, Microsoft etc. to deliver the best suitable solution for your business. We carry out project implementation directly at our customer’s site and in 100% of the cases, deliver it on time and on budget.

    Things to look on in a Large Enterprise Product

    Security and Compliances

    The larger the organization, the larger the stakes involved, be it the customers, shareholders, partners, etc. Security breaches have severe implications over a company’s reputation and it is important to have software which is compliant of all security features

    Phasing out Legacy Systems

    Based on our interactions with large companies, we have often seen lots of legacy applications that become a hinder in their expansion plans yet they can’t part ways with it because of data transfer issues, a good efficient software platform should be able to migrate data from such legacy applications by a single button click

    Be Future Proof

    This is the day and age of innovative technologies like AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), so the software you adopt should be future proof and should contain add-on capabilities to such innovative self-service tools

    Featured Services

    Sage X3

    Sage is globally one of the world’s leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) solutions to large & medium-sized organizations

    Formerly known as Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management, Sage X3 is an ERP software suite that integrates all major department functionalities be it, accounts, sales, customer management, logistics & transportation, inventory, manufacturing, etc. In short, Sage X3 can digitize and modernize all your business processes and can streamline your workflows across a company’s value chain.

    We at HLB HAMT, will help in providing a tailored and more intuitive business management solution for your company, thereby allowing to gain a competitive advantage in your business.

    sage x3

    Microsoft Business Central Premium

    Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central is a perfect ERP business system for Large Enterprises and SME’s. The platform combines a range of functionalities across operations, financial accounting, project management, sales & distribution.

    Our partnership with Microsoft helps provide reliable and quality enriched services of Microsoft Business Central Premium for your business. From planning, versioning, testing to forecasting, the premium package complies of all necessary business management approach for your company. We have seen that the package best fits in for the Manufacturing and Supply-chain industry, yet it can be as effective across a wide range of industries, provided they have the right IT infrastructure support.

    Our services include:-

    • Data Visualization
    • Customization & Flexibility
    • Mobility
    • Module Configuration
    • Refining Process Workflows

    Our Technology Consulting Services

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