IT Outsourcing and Co-sourcing in UAE

IT governance in UAE provides a structure for the alignment of IT and business strategy, ensuring the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organization to meet its objectives. IT governance is a vital part in the overall governance of an enterprise. Many organizations execute a formal IT governance program that provides a framework of best practices and controls.

HLB HAMT helps you save your resources by offering trusted, independent IT guidance, 24/7. We work with customers to learn about their technical limitations and requirements, plan a technology road map and identify opportunities to use new technology tools. Directing, planning, and managing technology infrastructure and operations of your company is our key responsibility.

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    Benefits of outsourcing & co-sourcing in IT Governance

    For smaller companies, their IT governance needs will be limited. But that is not the case with bigger enterprises that require a full-fledged IT governance program. A comprehensive IT governance program demands time and effort; it needs to be supported by a broad set of line of business leaders. Responding to the needs of an ever-changing business environment may not be easy; it requires resource, time and effort.

    Outsourcing the IT services in Dubai is an effective strategy for accomplishing business benefits when companies find it difficult to achieve the same with their in-house IT strategies and chooses the best IT Consultants. Co-sourcing on other hand helps to concentrate on plugging the gaps on specific skill sets and industry knowledge on a “demand or need” basis.

    CIO Outsourcing

    Chief information officers form the backbone of IT-related operations as they play a key role in IT strategic planning. An outsourced CIO makes use of their IT expert consultants to determine the objectives of your company and then recommend the best technology to help you achieve your goals. One can demand the services of an outsourced CIO as and when required, and this approach is usually less expensive when compared to the salary of a full-time CIO.

    IT Audit: Co Souring & Outsourcing

    The information technology auditing must be done to analyze the present level of technology utilization in an organization. It can be said to be very similar to the financial auditing down every year, but in case of IT Audit in UAE, it provides a benchmark for, where the organization stand in terms of embracing technology above or at par with their competitors. The analysis also gives organizations a key insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of the technology used by them to meet their goals or objectives.

    In the case of outsourcing services, we can guide companies on how to tackle critical business risks, how to achieve control and streamline your business processes, how to reduce your operational costs and how to be compliant with international regulatory laws.

    Through Co-Sourcing, we can provide on-demand skillsets to help organizations be flexible against effectively handling varied operational challenges and issues.


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