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Every day, the information technology industry develops quickly, so it’s vital for any business to be up to speed on all the latest developments. As new trends emerge as a result of the pandemic, IT audit services in Abu Dhabi are no different. There have been many creative ways to do the same. HLB HAMT provides IT Audit & Assessment professionals that can help you combat risks and threats effectively, protecting your data in the process. We have noticed a change in the last few months as more clients want remote and online methods for carrying out IT Audit & Assessment Services in Abu Dhabi.

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    A Technological audit can evaluate a company’s internal operations, security against external threats, and compliance with national and international legal requirements. Our qualified IT auditors can assist you in running your business at its peak performance and, more significantly, with peace of mind. This includes consulting with your team members, developing a risk plan, and offering remedies. Our staff can determine the ideal industry or sector for your business and, using their vast industry and government compliance expertise, can assist you in adhering to all regulations. Complete non-touch remote online help allows for all of them.

     IT Audit Compliance provider in Abu Dhabi

    Data Security Services

    As a cybersecurity consultant in Abu Dhabi, we help our customers adopt a strategic approach to cybersecurity, lowering the risks connected with it. By utilizing our comprehensive array of strategy and technology service capabilities, we can assist you in aligning your security program to accomplish particular business results. We think we have the in-house depth of knowledge and technical experience necessary to tackle information security problems in both information and operational technologies.

    HLB HAMT has assisted approximately 300 small, medium, and large businesses in implementing flawless cybersecurity procedures in their ecosystems. We work with businesses in a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, trading, retail, energy, and government

    Cyber Forensic – Forensic and Fraud Investigation

    HLB HAMT assists our clients in reacting rapidly to any data demands associated with investigations and disputes. Our experienced guidance and assistance assist our clients in better understanding their organizational data.

    Our digital forensic investigation team leads and supports situations such as fraud, information leakage, malware attacks, illegal access, fraudulent financial transactions, and so on. Your digital forensic technologies secure, record, and fully analyse digital evidence from your complete IT infrastructure. This might include your cellphones, laptops, workstations, fax machines, printers, servers, and complete network systems.

    Fraud is by far the most widespread type of digital crime. Standard computer forensic technologies are used to obtain evidence or support a fraud charge. The procedures may involve looking for and retrieving critical corporate papers such as quotes, invoices, business order forms, databases, and so on. Emails are an important source of information pertaining to fraud since they might provide essential proof of communication between bogus accounts.


    The term ADHICS stands for Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security Standard. The Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH) is the primary regulator of Abu Dhabi’s healthcare sector. On 3 February 2019, the Department of Health announced the ADHICS Standards to protect the privacy and security of health information. The ADHICS Standard aims to take healthcare cybersecurity in the UAE to the next level by complying with worldwide healthcare cyber security and privacy principles. ADHICS also assists the healthcare industry in meeting UAE Information Assurance Standards.

    HLB HAMT is a leading Risk & Compliance service provider in Abu Dhabi, assisting businesses in achieving ADHICS Compliance through ADHICS audits. We have a track record of assisting healthcare organizations in becoming ADHICS compliant. Our experts will assist you in obtaining ADHICS Compliance in Abu Dhabi. Adhere to ADHICS standards and policies to achieve healthcare compliance.


    The National Electronic Security Authority is abbreviated as NESA. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has authorized NESA, now called the Signals Intelligence Agency or SIA UAE, to improve national cyber security by defending the country’s information and communications infrastructure.

    As part of this duty, NESA has created Information Assurance (IA) standards to guarantee a minimal degree of security for companies that provide important national services across all sectors. HLB HAMT team of NESA Abu Dhabi compliance professionals assist firms in easily meeting NESA regulatory standards.

    HLB HAMT is a top risk and compliance service provider in Abu Dhabi, assisting businesses in achieving NESA/SIA Compliance through the use of UAE Information Assurance Standards.


    Vulnerability and penetration testing (VAPT) are extremely important and necessary for any company, large or small. It enables them to remain stubborn in the face of real cyber-attacks and assists them in identifying their weaknesses and compromised areas. This test will reveal the weaknesses in all of your IT assets, from servers to computers to firewalls to networks, and so on.

    HLB HAMT experts attempt to imitate the management of real-world phishing attack scenarios using failsafe strategies, techniques, and processes. We examine the health of your cybersecurity measures and how you can avoid infiltrations and phishing assaults from hackers and bots using these tests. We advise you on the routes and circumstances that pose the most danger to your organization or application. Our team can create scenarios that are out of the box, imitating how a real-world attacker might plot and try to get into your system. Our team’s feedback might assist your firm in creating and prioritizing any future security investments.


    HLB HAMT assists you in obtaining various ISO certifications and in being compliant with the same. ISO, or the International Standards Organization, is an independent agency that supplies the organization’s standards. A standard may be described as the quality, safety, and efficiency of a company’s services or goods.

    Such standards are essential for regulating company operations as well as sustaining industrial quality output for products and services. ISO certificates deliver uniformity to organizations in terms of procedures, production controls, service, goods, quality, and so on. ISO has almost 21,584 published standards, members from 162 countries, and 788 technical organizations for standard development.

    Why is technical auditing necessary

    A technological audit might discover faults before you face problems and lose visibility. Identifying these concerns makes them easier to eliminate. An expert audit will help you understand what is causing your website’s value to decline and provide advice on how to correct any issues.

    The Advantages of Technical Auditing

    • Internal control system enhancements to reduce potential risk.
    • Service quality should be improved.
    • Revenue assurance
    • Procurement of goods and services that is transparent and cost-effective.
    • Project completion on time.
    • Reduced project and yearly operational costs.
    • Aids in the rescheduling of project operations.
    • System performance enhancement.

    Our Approaches to Technical Audit

    Sorting: This stage involves doing an initial evaluation and information gathering to ascertain the following:

    • Operating scenario
    • The IT system’s criticality
    • The structure of an organization
    • Hardware and software used

    The following data, gathered by the IT auditor, will be utilized to establish the scope of work, identify the current and potential concerns, and create a strategy and aim.

    Defining the goal and scope: The goal of your IT audit process should be to cover all components of your IT, involving infrastructure, systems, development processes, and procedures, along with all security factors such as passwords, firewalls, user rights, and physical security.

    However, the scope should include the breadth of the assessment, the time of the audit, the locations, and the many topics to be addressed.

    Collection and assessment: The evidence gathered should be significant and relevant in order to support the auditor’s conclusion about the organization, activity, and function under audit. Auditors should comprehend the process and approach chosen before collecting data.

    • Audit Evidence Types
    • Audit evidence is documented.
    • Analysis
    • Physical objects’ existence and process

    Monitoring and reporting: It is critical to document all audit evidence, including the audit rationale, conducted activities, and audit preparation and planning. The report’s objectives, scope, results, conclusions, and suggestions should all be included.

    Why IT audits are mandatory?

    Your IT systems are constantly subject to many risks, and because you rely on technology or your company’s IT system on a daily basis, it’s only natural that you secure them from various threats. An IT audit is required for each firm since its key objective is to detect errors and inefficiencies in the administration and use of the IT system.

    IT auditing is not a straightforward technique, but it may help you understand the state of your company’s IT infrastructure. An audit is a highly valuable instrument for protecting your assets and maintaining the efficiency of your business’s operations.

    Benefits of opting for HLB HAMT IT Auditors in Abu Dhabi

    HLB HAMT provides the best IT auditing services in Abu Dhabi. Our experienced team of specialists assists you in improving your financial management and strategic intent. We respect your confidence in us. We provide the best accounting and auditing services to help you achieve your company’s goals and objectives faster. Our audit professionals can help you with your auditing needs. We will examine your current performance and advise you on how to improve your performance in the next massive investment opportunity, as well as exploit investment prospects for innovative investors

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