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Information or Data are crucial for any company, it is extremely important for them to protect the confidentiality of their own data and that of their client’s. Our expert information security management system (ISMS) auditors and implementors help organizations secure their information assets against potential attacks thereby keeping their financial data, client-related information, employee details and other confidential data safe and secured. We can help you design and implement a set of controls and policies that can help secure your information assets and help you fix your vulnerabilities against potential threats.

We help you protect your information assets.

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    Every single byte or a character of data is important for a company, be it in physical or digital format. We help you protect your data from unauthorized thefts or breach of your various information assets. These include Strategic Documentations that define an organization’s goals and objectives, confidential information about products and services, for e.g., if you are into IT, then your source code, project documentation or DB architecture is your intellectual property and must be protected. Similarly, in the case of patented documents, it is important to stop people from reverse engineering your products. The terms and conditions & trade secrets you share with your associates, partners, clients, etc. is also an information asset that is needed to be protected. Similarly, your employee data should be also kept confidential.

    We help you in defining a set of policies and controls required to establish, implement, monitor, review, maintain and improve information security related to your business operation. Our experienced Audit team can help you take a streamlined approach towards reducing the chance of a breach such as unauthorized access, data losses etc. With a proper ISMS the controls will be not scattered and disjointed, and HLB HAMT’s team of proficient IT Audit & Assessment experts will provide you with all necessary guidance to set or modify your operations to be following ISO 27001 norms.

    Our Approach Methodology

    From conducting feasibility & gap analysis, risk assessment, document preparation, conducting training, conducting an internal audit, providing assistance for organizing third party audit to assisting in Stage 1&2 Audits and closing the non-conformities raised in the same.

    What is ISO 27001 certification and why is it important?

    ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard that sets a security framework and requires the implementation of controls. ISO 27001 certification ensures that a company has taken enough protective and proactive measures to secure their data information and at the same time can manage all legal compliances securely. We have certified ISO 27001 lead auditors and lead implementers in our team of IT auditors. By implementing the standard, a company can not only comply with international laws and regulations, but they can also let their customers know that their data is safe with them.

    What are the Benefits?

    ISMS Consultants in Dubai
    There are numerous benefits associated with being ISMS compliant, for starters it supports compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Being proper in handling ISMS measures, your company will have a less likelihood of facing prosecution and fines, thereby attaining costs savings. It can also help you earn the goodwill of your customer and provides reassurance to them that their data is well and truly secure thereby protecting your reputation, credibility, and trust. Another important benefit is that by doing proper ISMS management, you can quickly recover your operation in case of a breach. The risk visibility will be transparent, and you can reduce third party scrutiny of your IS arrangements. Overall, the ISMS certifications can help in improved information security awareness among your employee and can reduce staff-related security breaches.

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