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Mergers & Acquisitions are tools in today’s dynamic business landscape for quickly restructuring a firm, gaining a competitive advantage over competitors, and generating wealth. However, many purchasers experience business interruption or fail to realize projected benefits during the shift. To effectively execute a deal and manage an integrated business, the new enterprise must be properly organized and controlled in order to realize the advantages that the transaction envisioned.

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    M&A Integration Services Dubai

    How HLB HAMT assists our clients

    HLB HAMT’s dedicated Integration advisory professionals provide expertise, structured process, expertise, and action oriented abilities to guarantee that our clients’ needs are satisfied, conserving time and reducing risk.

    • RestructuringOnce a transaction is agreed, we assist you in structuring the new entity. This includes both setting up the legal structure as well as the operational structure of the entity.
    • Corporate GovernanceIf the newly formed entity has a merged structure with shareholding of both buyer and seller, a strong Corporate Governance framework is a must. Our organizational consultants can create such a framework with clear roles for Board members, committees and decision-making guidelines.
    • Delegation of AuthorityWe help to develop an exhaustive Delegation of Authority Matrix which will cover both corporate and operational areas, and will serve as the foundation for all organizational policies.
    • Integration of SystemsInformation systems of both entities need to be aligned so that there is no operational disruption or data loss on account of a merger. As we have our own team of ERP consultants who can work with the process specialists, we will be able to ensure an effective integration in the new environment.
    • Policy IntegrationFor the new entity to work cohesively, our consultants can work with your teams from both organizations as well as the management to help create a policy framework which is most suitable and enables a seamless transition.

    Benefits of Integration Advisory in UAE

    One of the most critical investments a business can achieve currently is integration. A smart business is one that is integrated.

    • Emphasis on people and change management to minimize interruption
    • Expenses are being reduced and time is being saved.
    • End-to-end transparency and a streamlined procedure
    • A well-informed content programme improves focus and discipline.
    • Prepare result-oriented strategies by identifying potential opportunities.

    Bottom Line

    One reason why many transactions, which otherwise should have been successful, fail, is that the post-transaction integration is not well executed. There are multiple reasons for this – Operational, Cultural, Financial, Administrative or others. Transacting businesses may independently have all of the components for success, but they will need guidance on how to make all of these systems function in tandem for the best outcomes. An organized and systematic acquisition integration process like the one offered by HLB HAMT establishes a robust system for tracking and evaluating an acquisition’s integration into the organisation.


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