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The practice of managing risks related to usage, processing, storing, and transmitting information is called Information Assurance. The process assures that the user data is protected, and its authenticity is maintained. There are all kinds of data breaches happening around the IT world, and these incidents can be caused through viruses, trojan worms, phishing attacks, etc.

There is a chance of an identity theft happening and there should be measures for immediate restoration of information systems in case something unfortunate happens.

At HLB HAMT, we consolidate every possible service offering that will enable the Information Assurance queries your customer have for you. Being your Information Assurance partner, we can design lot of concept phases of your program, handhold you throughout the entire program life cycle, i.e., from the design to the system disposal.

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    Normally, there are five terms that IA ensures for your company:

    Nowadays, a company does not look at only the benefits of compliance maintenance and adhering to regulatory standards. Apart from having the advantage of eliminating costly security incidents, upholding your reputation in business, and getting the faith of all your business stakeholders, mismanagement of any of your data can lead to hefty fines and even lawsuits imposed on you. Normally data can be found in either in a stored, processed, or transmitted stage. A company at any cost should protect their data without being breached or exposed, especially their customer’s personal data.

    Here are few of the regulations where we can help you with

    RBI Regulations

    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulates all banking and non-banking entities to comply with their guidelines and detailed suite of documentations which is issued periodically. There are a lot of things, that a company should consider while dealing with transactions with Indian companies.

    At HLB HAMT, we can assist you with meeting various regulatory compliances put forward by RBI. We can review your current control framework, recommend changes or create policies that can help you be in line with RBI requirements and help in running your business smoothly.


    NESA, The National Electronic Security Authority, is the new standard of security systems in UAE. The standard is designed to protect the country’s critical information infrastructure and thereby improving national cyber security. Compliance to these NESA standards and guidelines has been made mandatory across all industries in the U.A.E

    These systems include Information Assurance standards, much similar with Abu Dhabi Information Security Standard by ADSIC. AT HLB HAMT, we help in managing your people, process and technology adhere to such standards.

    ISAE 3402 Type 2

    The International Standards for Assurance Engagements (ISAE) No. 3402 was developed in order to deliver an internationally agreed assurance standard to formally prepare a report on designing, implementation and operating effectiveness of the overall controls within an organization.

    ISAE 3402 Type 2 report generally talks about operation controls and testing of its operating effectiveness over a period. Generally, such reports can be very useful for clients and financial auditors for control reliance purposes for an audit.

    At HLB HAMT, we provide gap analysis process and then followed by designing a project plan. Upon agreement of the plan, a project could run for a set duration. We can help you meet with all necessary compliances required to be certified. Apart from ISAE3402 consultancy, we provide overall project management, risk assessment and internal IT audits.

    SSAE 18

    SSAE 18 (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements 18) is the audit and attestation standard for internal control reporting at organizations which provide entity services to another organizations. Server hosting, SaaS, PaaS companies etc. are such service delivering organizations.

    The SSAE 18 standard is for producing SOC (System and Organization Controls) reports. Basically, there are three types of SOC reports. SOC1, refers to the IT process assessment to companies that process customer’s financial reporting. SOC2 refers to general IT security controls at service organizations. These should be based on 5 trust service principles of security, availability, processing, Integrity and Privacy. The SOC3 reports is a higher-level overview of IT security control, and simply states whether the entity which is audited has achieved the trust compliance level or not.

    Being an accredited Certified Public Accountant (CPA) company, HLB HAMT CAN process formal SSAE 18 audits and also guide you in preparing for the SSAE 18 audit.

    COBIT 5

    COBIT-5 delivers a framework that assists companies in achieving their objectives and goals for their management of IT enterprise. Optimal value from IT is achieved, thanks to the balancing benefits & optimizing risk levels and resource usage. It can be applied to end-to-end business and considers IT interests of all stakeholders, internal or external.

    At HLB HAMT, we have COBIT-5 certified assessors who can assist you in performing a process capability assessment in your company, irrespective of your company size or whether you are from public or private sector.

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