Human Resource Outsourcing in UAE

HLB HAMT provides Human Resource Solutions to clients across the globe. We help businesses manage employees in the UAE without establishing a company here and we also hire staff on contract basis according to their specific needs. Our team ensures that your employees’ payroll is managed accurately along with ensuring compliance and providing ongoing employee support.

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    What we offer?

    Employer of Record / PEO

    Employer of record /PEO is the registered employer for an employee, who does not involve in any supervisory or management roles.

    Contract Staffing

    in UAE

    Contract staffing refers to long-term staff outsourcing for a period of 1 year and above, where in the clients hire skilled professionals based on

    Temporary Staffing

    in UAE

    Contract staffing can be of varying durations; it can be for weeks, months or few years. Companies usually rely on temporary…



    • Hiring employees, for short term as well as long term
    • Greater access to skilled pool of talent
    • Best-in-class recruitment methodologies
    • Payroll management of employees
    • Necessary documentation
    • The service of trained personnel
    • Manpower solutions across diverse sectors

    Our HR team at HLB HAMT knows the ins and outs of payroll rules, labour laws, and compliances in UAE. We understand the unique requirements of clients and customize our services accordingly, depending on the sector of the client company, their location, the required skill set in employees, the duration of projects etc.

    Inadequate manpower shouldn’t act as an obstacle in growing your business; HLB HAMT will rope in the best candidates for your business and take care of all the required documentation and payroll-related work while adhering to the stipulated rules and regulations.



    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    1. What is Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)?

      Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) is the process by which an organisation hires a third-party company to manage its administrative and human resources functions.

    2. Why should a company outsource its HR process?

      By outsourcing HR requirements, a company can free up critical individuals from the paperwork and complicated HR administration difficulties, enabling staff to concentrate on creating revenue.

    3. What types of companies can try HR outsourcing?

      Businesses of any industry and size can find that outsourcing its HR process is helpful in the smooth functioning of the company.

    4. How does HR Outsourcing work?

      The process of human resource outsourcing entails an organization using a third party’s services to handle its HR needs. HR outsourcing gives a company time and financial savings, a competitive advantage over its human resource policies, and better employee operations.

    5. Why should businesses contract its HR function to PEO?

      The three main advantages of using PEOs are efficiency, lower administrative costs, and improved employee benefit options.

      These three benefits improve productivity, employee morale, and revenue for businesses. PEOs can relieve you of the complex HR matters of benefits, workers’ compensation claims, payroll, tax administration, regulatory compliance, etc., and by doing so, it reduces your overhead. Moreover, PEO provide lower costs for employee benefits and workers’ compensation coverage as well as more alternatives for coverage because of ability to pool our clients. When your employees have better benefits and qualified people on hand to help them, morale soars and productivity will improve.

    6. How will outsourcing my HR save me money?

      Companies can save money by outsourcing in a variety of ways. When a business outsources its human resources, it claims to save both money and time that would have otherwise been used on arduous but essential administrative activities. The organization may then use this time and resource to concentrate more on things that would help it expand. Additionally, outsourcing relieves businesses from having to cover the entire salary and perks of in-house HR staff. A company may also access better options for less money by outsourcing HR to a specialised organization with a bigger clientele.

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