How to get an ICV Certificate in UAE?

Entities inside and outside the UAE can obtain ICV certificates. A strategic initiative by the country’s government, the ICV certification program, intends to strengthen the industrial economy. Even though ICV certification isn’t compulsory, more companies are applying for it, as it gives them an added weightage during tender assessments.

Obtaining an ICV certificate in the UAE is easy, provided all the guidelines are followed correctly. Only an ICV-approved auditor/ audit firm has the authority to give the certificate. HLB HAMT is one of the certifying bodies to issue the ICV Certificate per the Ministry’s requirements.

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    Steps to obtain an ICV certificate in UAE

    Obtain the Audited Financial statements

    Obtain the financial statements prepared based on International Financial Reporting Standards from an approved auditor in UAE. If the company is newly formed, then the management accounts can be used.

    Seek the assistance of an ICV Certifying body

    ICV certifying body is an entity authorized by the MOIAT to assess the ICV certificate request by suppliers and issue the same, provided all the required conditions are met.

    ICV Template

    Fill and submit the ICV Template to the certifying body. This template must be completed per the guidelines issued by MOIAT.


    The next step involves evaluating the application in which the ICV template is verified with supporting documents per the guidelines and agreed-upon procedures issued by MOIAT.

    Approval from ICV Committee

    The ICV committee will approve the application after completing the evaluation process. The ICV committee operates under MOIAT, which reviews the certification process and will approve the agreed-upon procedures followed by the Certifying Body.

    Supplier approval on ICV

    The supplier then reviews and approves the unsigned ICV Certificate sent to the Certifying Body.

    Issue of ICV Certificate

    The certifying body issues the ICV Certificate, following which the supplier submits it to one of the participating entities.


    HLB HAMT is an ICV certifying body authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology in the UAE that has helped numerous companies obtain ICV certificates. Contact us for any assistance related to ICV certification in the UAE.

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