How SAP B1 can help boost your sales in the Middle East

Companies and Organizations generally opt for an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning software to streamline their workflows, eliminate tedious manual efforts and make all facets of your business into one centralized system. Being an SAP listed partner, we at HLB HAMT have helped many companies increase visibility into their business performance, help them increase the performance of individual team members, and get in crucial business insights that help them reduce their operational costs and enhance their resource performance.

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    Any business needs its sales department to fire on all cylinders to bring in profitability and to be competitive in the market. Although ERP tools such as SAP B1 can be used to automate business functions such as purchasing, finance, supply chain & logistics, HR, Project Management, etc, based on our experience we believe this product, specifically designed for SMEs can help the sales team to maximize their efficiency and help them make informed decisions to achieve profit and growth by redirecting them to potential customers.

    Let’s now take a look at how SAP B1 can help increase your sales, especially in the middle-eastern market.

    Sales Pipeline Management

    The best asset for any sales team is the strength of the client pipeline. It is a very delicate area where the team has to carefully manage the entire activity thereby reaching the expected target of sales. SAP B1 have adequate training modules that define how the sales pipeline should be managed effectively. The dashboards and forecasting sales opportunities give good insights to hope to approach the pipeline customers.

    Managing potential prospects

    Each potential prospect can be followed up consistently, and your sales team could define the status concerning the prospect, the communication thread, the volume, conversion stage, estimate time for closing, etc inside SAP B1 software. The software then will analyze this information and help the sales team prepare for the pitch using all the critical details

    Understanding your customer better

    Your customer should be always the focal point during the entire sales process. Every sales manager or representative should be able to know your customer inside out, like their usual preferences, purchasing patterns, needs, etc. SAP B1 can help centralize all these data into a report containing all information of the related customer. The software can also be integrated with your Office solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 thereby helping your sales team in pitching their sales strategies better.

    Inventory Availability Checks

    Often we have met companies who struggle to keep up their inventory supply according to their sales. In SAP B1, you can link your entire sales order process to your inventory management system. There will be full & real-time access to the inventory and quick availability inspection even before committing to the sales order.

    Marketing Access & Managing Leads

    Your customers and prospects like to hear from you, moreover, you also need to send regular updates to be in touch with them. Using SAP B1, you can design and execute marketing campaigns such as emails and newsletters to your lead prospect and customer list. The lead list can be edited and updated based on its current status

    Post-sales Support

    There is a huge emphasis on customer relationships these days for any companies out there. SAP B1 has CRM functions that enable your sales team to handle all post-sales support features such as maintenance support, AMC, warranty, etc. swiftly and effectively.

    As you can see, there are a lot of SAP B1 functionalities that can increase the productivity of your sales team as a whole. The fact that SAP B1 is adding more features to its already vast repertoire makes it an unavoidable tool for your sales team.

    If you wish to know more about SAP B1, please drop in your queries.

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