How RPA can help Educational Sector in the UAE

Technology plays a big part in the modern educational systems, and ever since this pandemic has gripped the world, the importance of technology has increased many folds. By eliminating paper works and mundane manual work for processes like admission procedures, work evaluations, finance management, meetings & program management, generating attendance reports etc., automation can play a big part in lessening the burden of both teachers and administrators.

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    Automating back-office functions

    Robotic Process Automation or RPA has transformed the working of many industries in the past. It not only helps in the smooth functioning of back-office functions but also allows teachers and administrators to let go of any unproductive tasks and concentrate on more important activities. RPA can help in the completion of large-scale tasks by eliminating all manual errors thereby increasing their productivity and maximizing their output and revenue. Recently Automation Anywhere revealed a case study on how the University of Melbourne saves 10,000 hours annually with RPA solutions from them. The university automated about 22 processes which helped to save 10,000 hours of manual labour annually. RPA bots helped the university administration to automate data approval during admission and an array of administrative tasks as well.

    In the case of back-office functions, RPA implementations can mirror the use cases in the private sector; this automation helps improve the core business operations (IT, finance, HR) of the institution. RPA implementations that are not directly student-facing, but target student-facing functions, allow employees to spend more time interacting directly with students and handling special cases. These RPA implementations directly interact with data that is inputted or used by students; today the most common student-facing use cases for RPA are in the admissions office.

    Let’s now take a look at some of the use cases

    Paperless Onboarding & Enrollment Processes

    Out of the jobs in an educational institution, be it a Kindergarten or a University, the most hectic and time-consuming job is the enrollment process they have to carry out every year. With loads of physical paperwork involved, this is a highly stressful time for many employees involved in the same. With the help of RPA, a lot of these processes can be automated starting from initial scrutinization, eligibility checks, document validations, the registration process, the sorting of the students and finally sending notifications and intimations, the entire process can be made seamless and fault free. Moreover, since it is automated, the waiting time for the students also can be reduced by many folds.

    Attendance Mapping

    Almost all institutions will have biometric punching for both their staff and students, RPA bots can be designed to accumulate data from these biometric systems and generate timesheets to be fed into your HR and administrative systems. This can be more helpful for HR in payroll preparations like overtime benefit calculation etc.

    Teacher Substitution

    The sudden absence of a teacher or a faculty from a scheduled session can often lead to chaos, with RPA, you can easily allot faculty to cover such absences through mapping available timings. Students can also be notified through message notifications about the new allocations and manage their schedules accordingly

    Meetings Scheduler

    Teachers usually will schedule meetings with the parents to discuss the assessment and evaluation of their students. Collecting the meeting invite list, scheduling the meeting, checking the availability of the meeting rooms, sending invites or revised invites, cancellations and rescheduling, etc. can be made very easy with the help of Robotic Process Automation Tools.

    Answering Queries

    With AI-powered BOTS, every single question related to enrollment, admission procedures, fees, etc. can be managed easily. The counselling given to the students and subsequent follow-up schedules can be automated as well. We can also establish full-fledged chatbots for website visitors to answer all general queries as well.

    Administrative Functions

    Processes like payroll processing account payable & receivable, employee on-boarding & exit, inventory management, vendor processing, tender processing, etc. can be automated through RPA. The CSR activity management can be tracked and visualized properly.

    Tracking course progress

    Each faculty can set course goals and targets with KPIs for students. Notifications should go for any approaching or missed targets. The deliverables and deadlines can be tracked as well as the course progress. The student and teacher performance can be evaluated, and a reality check analysis can be carried out.

    Technology Troubleshooting

    RPA can help in a lot of troubleshooting queries for student systems such as hardware failures, authentication issues, etc. The migration of data between college information systems and external databases can be managed through RPA.

    Miscellaneous Works

    With RPA tools, you can also generate multiple fee groups, set the fee structure, sort the scholarship students etc. Hiring faculty and doing background checks on the new hires or exits can be done with the help of RPA tools. Also, RPA can be used for scheduling interviews, cross-checking papers, replying to enquiries etc. Warning memos for frequent late comers and serial offenders and subsequent suitable actions everything can be managed through RPA applications. RPA bots and software can design an exam hall seating arrangement, and integrate surveillance systems into the central repository so that the assessment processes become that much smoother.  The job placement drives, internship opportunities, interview scheduling and scrapping data from job portals and displaying it on the college websites can be performed through automation as well.

    If you are part of an educational institution and wish to automate a lot of your tasks and procedures, contact our RPA consultants now!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is it helpful for implementing RPA in the educational sector?

      Yes, it is very helpful for your education sector. RPA avoids manual tasks. We have experts in RPA implementation. RPA provide by eliminating paper works and mundane manual work for processes like admission procedures, work evaluations, finance management, meetings & program management, generating attendance reports, etc.,

    2. Can I automate my back-end process?

      Yes, you can automate your back-end process RPA can automate all back-end processes. We have experts in RPA we will implement RPA based on your requirements. RPA helps in the smooth functioning of the back-office process.

    3. Based on use cases how does RPA help my educational industry?

      If you’re looking for the modern educational system. Our experts will help you find a solution. The major benefits of the RPA educational sector are Paperless Onboarding & Enrollment Processes, Attendance Mapping, Teacher Substitution, things Scheduler, Answering Queries, Administrative Functions, and Tracking course progress We are the top RPA vendor in UAE. We will provide the solution to your industry.

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