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In the modern era, businesses work in a rapidly evolving environment. Innovative and revolutionary technologies are seizing limelight in the marketplace. Investments, regardless of how little or large, are essential and may make or destroy an individual or business due to bad decisions. There have been several instances in business history where poor investments have shattered businesses across globe. To avoid this, budding and established firms are continuously on the hunt for the proper parameters to help them achieve their development objectives. As a result, experienced consultants can offer you knowledge and in-depth details about the financial feasibility study services in Dubai.

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    Feasibility Study Consultants UAE

    Our financial feasibility experts at HLB HAMT evaluate all of the important factors while examining the scenario. We gain a deep understanding of financial indicators and industry trends. We produce thorough studies on how a firm may be expected to perform in the prevailing and forecast economic climate based on these assessments. Also, our professionals have extensive expertise in building excellent business plans and performing thorough feasibility study reports.

    What Is Financial Feasibility?

    A financial feasibility analysis is a process that examines a proposal’s practicality, taking into account many aspects, to decide if it is possible to implement and whether it helps achieve the organization’s long-term goals .It requires time to do a feasibility analysis. However, failing to perform research before making a crucial business choice may result in larger deficits in the future due to ill-informed financial judgments, which can be vital in a competitive and flourishing marketplace like the UAE

    Every new business begins with an idea sparked by a set of conditions or a demand. Extensive study is required, whether you have a fantastic concept for a new business or want to develop an idea within an established business. You must determine if:

    1. there is a market for the plan you’ve come up with
    2. your plan is financially sound

    The Benefits Of Financial Feasibility Study

    A well-researched and conducted feasibility study can emphasize any difficulties that may develop during the implementation of a project, as well as the fiscal, operational, and other business consequences. After evaluating all of the contributing elements, it decides if the venture will be lucrative. Let’s delve into some of the benefits it offers.

    • A comprehensive investigation aids in the identification of possible opportunities.
    • Assists in making decisions and conclusions
    • Business is guided in the proper path.
    • Discovers fresh possibilities
    • Limits the number of business options

    Feasibility Study Stages

    Before commencing a detailed feasibility study, the entrepreneur needs some preliminary and intriguing information in order to properly construct the company’s strategy. The components of a feasibility study phase differ depending on the nature of business endeavour and the market prospects found. However, the procedures outlined below are the most important aspects of any feasibility study:

    • Market Feasibility

    The first stage in a feasibility analysis is to look at the elements that influence market forces like supply and demand. UAE in general and Dubai in particular have been excellent markets for start-ups to establish and grow their businesses. The market feasibility study is a crucial stage that requires identifying the market where the product will be marketed as well as determining if the market is dominated by fierce competition. Prospective buyers, rivals, industry, future and present market potential, and sales projections are all defined in this stage.

    • Technical Feasibility

    This stage involves evaluating the technology, machinery, and technical equipment needed to move on with the business which ultimately satisfies the projected market demands. The determination of production capability to fulfill the requirements i.e., estimation of raw material and labour demands, is an important part of the technical feasibility study. Depending on the type of business, the number of workers varies from one company to the next. Based on this study, a judgement should be made on whether the technical resources are available to turn the idea into reality.

    • Financial Feasibility

    The feasibility study’s last phase entails preparing cash inflow and outflow estimates based on all of the market and technical information gathered. The financial predictions will look at the project’s cost, sales and profitability, return on investment, and investment payback duration, among other things. For investors to join in a new company endeavour, financial feasibility is critical. Also, the clarity and accuracy of the data utilized in the feasibility study can be advantageous to the business.

    The feasibility study findings should detail numerous distinct alternatives that will allow you to thoroughly evaluate the financial outcomes and challenge the fundamental underpinnings, allowing you to be confident in the company concept. This is why a well-crafted feasibility study is important in making business decisions.

    Outsourcing financial feasibility study services in Dubai can help businesses determine if an initiative, such as a budding firm, mergers, or growth, would be profitable in the long run and prevent costly mistakes in the first place.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why are financial feasibility studies required?

      Businesses of various sizes must evaluate a project’s financial feasibility before beginning it. Feasibility studies give statistical data and confirm if the proposal is worthwhile to pursue. It is crucial for the business to understand whether the idea will be viable and lucrative for it.

    2. What purpose do financial feasibility studies serve?

      1. Analyze any obstacles that might make it more difficult to operate
      2. Gives decision-makers unbiased information
      3. Develop potential business prospects because the study is exploratory.
      4. Offers the project emphasis and outlines additional realistic options
      5. Permits a business to choose how and where to operate
    3. What are the elements of a feasibility study?

      1. Project Overview
      2. Market feasibility
      3. Technical feasibility
      4. Financial feasibility
      5. Organizational feasibility
    4. What is the approximate time span for the feasibility study?

      This is influenced by a variety of variables, including the quantity of goods or services to be examined, the territorial regions to be examined, the depth of research work, the number of participants, etc. We will indicate the amount of time needed in our estimate after we have an understanding of your business and the tasks that must be carried out.

    5. How does HLB HAMT assist you with the financial feasibility study in the UAE?

      Our workforce pays close attention to our customers, business strategy, technology, and has a solid grasp of complicated data. We exclusively perform market research using our own resources and collaborate with top market research companies in the UAE to collect reliable market data, which serves as the basis for an effective feasibility study.

    6. I am aware of my service’s possibilities and am confident in its success. Then why would I hire a feasibility study consultant?

      The success or failure of the prospective entrant will be determined by a thorough examination of the status of the market sector in which the product or service is anticipated to operate conducted by an impartial, fair, and objective research. This unbiased evaluation will probably explain why the product or service will succeed or fail.

    7. Do SMEs in the UAE receive feasibility evaluations from HLB HAMT?

      In the UAE, SMEs make up a sizable portion of our clients. Our organization is aware of the difficulties experienced by SMEs, and we are equipped to assist them by providing feasibility study insights for their financing needs, whether they come from banks, investors, or other SME funding organisations.

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