EXPO 2020 Dubai: A Gateway to UAE Business

The first World Expo, known as the Great Exhibition, took place in London in 1851. Since then, World Expos have taken place in a variety of countries across the world, and they have progressed a long way in enhancing our understanding of the arts, culture, science, and technology, eventually landing on the shores of Dubai, the magnificent Arabian city.

Expo 2020 Dubai will be the first World Expo in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region, as well as the first to be hosted by an Arab country. It’s a gathering of celebrations and a platform that brings individuals from all over the world together to interact, exchange thoughts, explore, and develop.

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    The six-month gala event occurs every five years and this year’s theme is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The event will kick off on October 1, 2021, with the objective of having a long-term impact on human progress and it also focuses on the potential of strong and resolute growth as well as beneficial international alliances. Over 190 nations will visit the UAE and construct pavilions inspired by their traditions in order to discuss and display their accomplishments and identities. Expo 2020 has three subthemes: opportunity, mobility, and sustainability, each with its own pavilion that acts as one of the Expo2020’s main features.

    Expo 2020 Experiences


    Theme Weeks

    Come and witness exploration of the pivotal barriers and possibilities of our era, ranging from global warming to connectivity, space research to the future of mankind, and human livelihood to water resource preservation.


    Innovation & Technology

    Technological advancements have opened up a myriad of opportunities. Innovative minds and tech-savvy individuals can channelize and immerse themselves in the life-changing breakthroughs which are on the horizon.



    Get prepared to experience the ultimate nirvana. From music concerts to operas, flash mobs, and parades to national day festivities, they are all sure to boost the adrenaline for people of all ages.


    Arts & Culture

    Never miss the opportunity to be immersed in a world of contemporary visual creativity, from Al Wasl Opera to a varied selection of artworks, creative projects, symposia, and performances.


    Food & Livelihoods

    Enjoy a culinary universe with masterpieces by world-renowned chefs where flavour runs rampant. Discover how everything from environmental issues to technological innovations will influence our food-related subsistence.



    Here you can see a plethora of memorable architectural spectacles. The world’s largest 360-degree projection surface, distinctively designed pavilions, and 200.000 sqm of future LEED Gold and Platinum constructions are just a few of the attractions.


    Business & Enterpreneurship

    Don’t miss out on a chance to participate in global forums, investor pitching conferences, and inspirational lectures by scheduling time on this worldwide platform to attract investors.


    Education Programmes

    Collaborate on an exciting journey, connecting with students and instructors from all across the UAE for a quintessential educational and cultural exchange.

    Expo 2020 Business Opportunities

    Expo 2020 is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors or entrepreneurs planning for business set up in UAE. The Dubai Expo 2020 is on track to expand the number of businesses operating in diverse industries, which will benefit the real estate opportunities in the long run. A growing number of commercial and residential complexes are taking shape, necessitating the purchase of real estate land to develop their corporate base. The corporate environment in Dubai is projected to expand considerably, with start-ups and new commercial institutions playing an important role in supporting Expo 2020 and embracing technology developments. Also, many networking possibilities for various business fields such as tourism, hotels, retail, food & beverages, SME’s, entertainment, and business consultants in the expo have opened up. It is also a good moment for businesses to leverage their products and services to reach a wider audience and improve profits.

    Real Estate investment in UAE

    Dubai is proving to be a sanctuary for real estate investment in UAE, with an ever-growing community and thousands of international employees coming to the emirate each year to advance their careers in a secure, global commercial metropolis. Dubai provides a wide range of real estate activities in UAE, including ready-to-move-in houses, investing in buy to rent properties as well as long-term investments. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) supervises all development projects on a financial and technical level to safeguard the broader interests of business and investors alike, with the goal of providing an investment-friendly environment based on worldwide quality standards. People are searching for larger areas with top-notch safety and security rather than sitting in an apartment while they work from home, thus there has been a focus on villas and townhouses transactions. The strategic location, networking, and transportation options, are all important real estate investment aspects that contribute to Dubai being one of the safest cities in the world, with happy communities flourishing in a peaceful urban setting.

    The real estate industry in Dubai is likely to boom following Expo 2020. An event of this size will serve as a major economic accelerator for the host nation. According to reports, the expo will generate about 90% of employment, resulting in around 300,000 direct jobs across a variety of industries, such as service industries, architecture, infrastructure development, engineering, and tourism, and also millions of indirect jobs. The government’s measures like low mortgage and interest rates, an effective COVID-19 vaccine campaign, the Golden visa and 100% foreign ownership are designed to help foreigners feel at ease. All of these policies will undoubtedly instill trust in investors who wish to establish enterprises in the country. Expo 2020 will showcase Dubai as an investment opportunity for people that have never seen Dubai’s pleasures, hospitality, or luxury alternatives. This will attract foreign investment from a different segment of the global audience. Hence, it is a good moment to invest in the realty sector in UAE so that you can reap benefits in the coming years.

    100% Foreign Ownership

    The UAE Ministry of Economy has approved full ownership for foreign investors on the mainland, ushering in a new era for the country’s commercial sector. The new law removes the need that onshore businesses run by non-national investors have a significant UAE shareholder. The decision to enable 100 percent foreign ownership of UAE firms should remove current barriers and open up the economy, making the UAE more appealing to international investors, particularly those who may have been hesitant to enter the market owing to ownership limitations while also raising the competitiveness of the business environment in line with global economic changes. Investors coming in to explore the diverse opportunities available at Expo will find this to be an attractive factor to set up their business in the country.

    Dubai as a business setting up destination consists primarily of three jurisdictions.

    1. Mainland Company in UAE

    For individuals and businesses, forming a mainland company in Dubai may be a highly profitable investment option. Mainland firms are corporate entities that are permitted to trade in the mainland area. The DED (Dubai Economic Department) has given all private business entities permission to perform commercial business functions on the Dubai Mainland. If you are looking for greater flexibility, setting up a mainland corporation in UAE would be the best option. Here are some of the primary benefits of establishing a business on Dubai mainland:

    • 100% foreign ownership
    • Freedom to trade across UAE
    • Make International trade connections
    1. Free zone Company in UAE

    Businesses operating in free zones are immune from majority of the taxes. Business owners in Dubai’s free zones have 100 percent control of their organization. There are over 50 free zones to select from in the United Arab Emirates, allowing you the freedom to choose the best location for your clients’ specific business needs. The following are some of the most compelling reasons to establish a business in the Dubai Free Zones.

    • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
    • Import and export tariffs are exempted
    • Easy immigration and labor recruitment process
    1. Offshore Company in UAE

    Offshore company formation in UAE is one of the best options if you wish to involve in international trading, asset protection, tax planning and to get hold of real estate properties in the designated areas of UAE. Offshore firms in UAE are businesses that are registered in UAE but have their headquarters outside of the municipal limits that pays no or little taxes. For creating an offshore firm in UAE, limited liability corporations, limited companies, and limited partnerships are all viable choices. Forming an offshore company in Dubai is easy, and the procedure begins with the submission of the following documents:

    • Valid passport copies of shareholders
    • Proof of residency of shareholders
    • Preferred company name
    • Details about type of business that will be conducted

    Expo 2020 is a massive worldwide event that provides a platform to experience diverse culture and business opportunities. With Expo 2020, Dubai will take a massive step forward in encouraging the next generation to ignite ideas that will characterize the coming years of human advancement.

    Initiating the process of setting up business and other services in the UAE can be a complex process which involves the completion of extra documentation. It’s a smart option to engage a business consultant to guide you through the process in a streamlined, timely manner.

    HLB HAMT is a well-known business consultant in Dubai, UAE that has assisted businesses across a variety of sectors in forming their businesses, regardless of their size. We have the knowledge and experience to advise our customers on the best corporate structure for their Dubai business. Our extensive expertise in the field of business consultancy aids us in making the process simple and straightforward. We give you a complete picture of how to set up a business in the UAE in an organized way.

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