Emiratization in UAE

Emiratization, an ambitious and visionary initiative by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government, embodies the nation’s commitment to empowering its citizens and promoting their active participation in the private sector workforce.

Emiratisation in UAE is not just a government mandate but a transformative journey toward a prosperous future for the nation. As a dedicated partner, HLB HAMT is committed to promoting Emiratisation in the private sector and creating meaningful opportunities for UAE nationals.

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    The Impact of Emiratisation Expansion

    The UAE government’s recent expansion of the Emiratisation drive aims to strengthen the private sector’s workforce by involving small businesses. Companies with 20 to 49 employees across 14 economic sectors must hire at least one Emirati citizen by 2024 and another by 2025. This strategic move seeks to elevate Emirati participation in the private sector workforce from 6% to 10% by 2026, ensuring a sustainable and inclusive economy.

    The Importance of Emiratisation

    Emiratisation is a legal obligation and a vision to build a self-reliant and prosperous nation. By integrating Emirati nationals into the workforce, we tap into a pool of talented individuals who bring unique perspectives, cultural understanding, and business acumen. Emiratisation fosters an environment where UAE citizens can thrive professionally, contributing to the country’s growth and development.

    Support Measures for Small Businesses

    We understand that this expansion may pose challenges for small businesses. The government offers a range of support measures to assist them in complying with the Emiratisation requirements. HLB HAMT collaborates with small businesses, providing guidance, access to Emirati job seekers’ databases, training programs, and financial incentives. Together, we make Emiratisation a seamless and rewarding process for all.

    Penalties for Non-Compliance

    While the Emiratisation drive presents boundless opportunities, businesses must adhere to the new requirements. Non-compliance may result in penalties of AED 6,000 per month for each unfulfilled Emirati hiring, with the contribution increasing progressively until 2026. Compliance ensures the growth of your business and the prosperity of our nation.


    Benefits for Small Businesses

    Embracing Emiratisation offers an array of advantages for small businesses:

    • Enhanced Productivity: Emirati employees bring a deep understanding of the UAE’s culture and business landscape, leading to increased productivity and efficiency within the company.
    • Stronger Brand Image: Embracing Emiratization demonstrates your commitment to supporting the UAE’s economy and people, enhancing your company’s reputation, and attracting socially conscious customers and partners.
    • Government Support: Small businesses can benefit from government incentives, training programs, and access to a database of qualified Emirati job seekers, facilitating compliance with Emiratization requirements.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Embracing Emiratization ensures small businesses adhere to the government’s requirements, avoiding potential penalties for non-compliance.


    HLB HAMT to Assist!

    Non-compliance with Emiratization can lead to severe penalties, making it crucial for businesses to take proactive steps toward compliance. By partnering with HLB HAMT, you can navigate the complexities of Emiratization effortlessly. Our dedicated team ensures that your business adheres to all Emiratization requirements, minimizing any risks of penalties and enabling you to focus on your core operations confidently.

    Embrace Emiratisation with HLB HAMT. Contact us now.


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