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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has long been known as a tax-free business location. This is bound to change with the declaration by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) that the UAE will introduce a federal corporate tax (CT) for financial years beginning on or after June 1, 2023.

The UAE Corporate Tax framework was created to include best practices from throughout the world while reducing the regulatory impact on businesses. CT will be levied on profits recorded in financial accounts prepared in conformity with international accounting standards by UAE enterprises, with minor exclusions and modifications.

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    Impact Assessment

    In the UAE, corporate tax will be a critical component of commercial operations. In the future, this will have a significant influence on some business views since it will need a change. Corporate tax impact assessment will undoubtedly be a time-consuming procedure for businesses in the UAE. A tax consultant in UAE experienced in the understanding and conforming of compliance with local tax laws can assist in carrying out a meaningful impact assessment. HLB HAMT makes strong guidance to assist businesses with impact assessments in the UAE based on their specific needs.

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    Corporate Tax Advisory

    This proposed new UAE corporate tax structure will play a vital role in the UAE’s quickly evolving business environment. Businesses in the UAE will need to evaluate the impact of corporate tax on their operations and ensure that they are in compliance with the corporate tax standards. Also, businesses should begin assessing the impact of corporate tax on their activities on a tactical level. HLB HAMT as a tax consultant will assist you in navigating this new terrain and facilitate a smoother transition to the corporate tax regime for your business.

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    Corporate Tax Implementation Support

    For businesses operating in the UAE, the adoption of corporate tax would be a game-changer. Different firms may wish to review their company forms once the new tax system comes into force in order to take advantage of the possible tax savings. HLB HAMT, as one of the best tax consultants in UAE with an experienced professional team, would be delighted to assist clients who are considering implementing a corporate tax structure, as well as explore any opportunities that may arise as a result.

    Corporate Tax Compliance

    It can be challenging and time-consuming to operate a business and keep up with the pace of evolving tax compliance that influences corporate operations. As a result, acquiring tax guidance from professionals in the industry may be advantageous.

    Audit Assistance

    Auditing is a method of checking and assessing a company’s information or records in a methodical manner. Our experienced personnel at HLB HAMT are renowned UAE tax consultants who provide customers with easy and fuss-free audit services in the UAE, ensuring that they are able to address new legislation and constraints by adhering to the finest accounting guidelines and procedures.

    Litigation Assistance

    HLB HAMT’s litigation team will assist you in grasping the peculiarities and complexities of the UAE’s business standards and procedures. Our legal experts have extensive experience supporting startups, SMEs, and multinationals, as well as aiding businesses, investors, and management in understanding the nuances of UAE law, allowing them to make wise decisions and safeguard their firms’ objectives.

    Corporate Tax Services

    A business’s position and needs can be assessed by developing a tax and compliance strategy. HLB HAMT is a well-known tax consultant in Dubai with a team of seasoned experts that are well-versed in offering tax and compliance services in the UAE. Understanding the benefits of the evolving tax system, the UAE has revamped its tax framework to ensure it even more desirable to international investors and corporations.


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