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For many years, the United Arab Emirates has positioned itself as a desirable location for international businesses and investors with nil tax rates and lower tax compliances. However, moving forward the Business registrations, corporate formations, and upcoming acquisitions will probably be impacted by the implementation of a corporate tax in the UAE. If you want to be prepared to effectively manage UAE corporate tax, you must have your firm appraised beforehand, and make the required modifications. To adapt to the new tax structure, we encourage businesses to appoint the best tax consultants in Dubai, HLB HAMT for impact assessment services

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    Why Corporate tax impact assessment is considered pivotal for businesses in UAE?

    Corporate Tax Impact Assessment is a structured a process for considering the implications, for the businesses , of the proposed Corporate Tax while there is still an opportunity to make necessary changes within and outside the standalone business unit or the group. The Impact Assessment will evaluate the impact on the business, its finances and its operations.

    The outcome of a Good Impact Assessment is setting a foundation for effective Tax Planning, Business restructuring and Implementing adequate compliance checks.

    Let’s take a quick rundown on several factors regarding the same.

    • Analyze transactions, occurrences, and circumstances thoroughly, bringing attention to any shortcomings where they need to be fixed.
    • This is a reference to methodical practices that provide early notice of prospective tax implications, a prompt resolution tool, and a chance for resource planning.
    • For assuring adherence to UAE CT legislation and answering questions regarding corporate tax.
    • It would be easier to demonstrate the consequences if you deal directly with the business and keep it updated about all UAE CT requirements and impact assessment outputs.
    • Before the effective date, corporate tax complications and associated operational challenges can be identified. If the same tax problems are discovered later, the business will incur increased charges and operational consequences.
    • Assist in providing the necessary data to make smart decisions about future planning and system change.

    How HLB HAMT can help you perform Corporate Tax impact assessment

    Given that the new legislation has been announced, we think that adoption should be carefully orchestrated to ensure that business operations may carry on as normal both during and after execution with the assistance of professional firms. An effective Impact Assessment may be carried out with the help of tax consultants in the UAE who are skilled in recognizing and adhering to regulatory tax rules. HLB HAMT has a squad of competent specialists with expertise in performing tasks appropriately that can conduct corporate tax impact assessment services in the UAE effectively.

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