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Our team of expert ERP consultants in UAE is well experienced in handling a varied set of driving factors that can solve most of your complex business challenges. Transforming legacy ERP systems to cloud will be a tough challenge for many, some has different software systems running for different departments and need to put all under one solution umbrella. In some cases, ERP systems lacks business intelligence and will not align with your future business goals. From cloud migrations to cloud management, our team had hand hold and guide you in executing your cloud strategy to get most out of your cold.

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    Importance of Cloud Transformations

    The cloud transformations are all about transforming your entire business processes, from technology to people to processes. From improving business insights to creating amazing customer experiences, we can say the innovation enabled cloud solutions can transform your business and make it stay resilient. Although most organizations are moving to cloud based solutions, they are hardly getting any benefits from it as they are not able to leverage cloud effectively to suit their business processes. As a result, the are not able to achieve the anticipated result from their cloud transformations. What you really need is an integrated cloud strategy with a good implementation team to back it.

    Our Cloud Transformation Roadmap

    • Define the goals and scope of the transformation process
    • In-depth analysis of the process based on data
    • Getting initial feedback from all stakeholders
    • Choosing the right cloud platforms and plan
    • Simulate test scenarios
    • Migrating the infrastructure to cloud
    • Comprehensive end-user training

    Hosting Services – HR Management Systems in Cloud

    Human Resource managers are now considered one of the most important people whose right decisions can help organization run efficiently and effectively in the future. They can help maintain a productive workplace by hosting their human resources management systems (HRMS) in the cloud. On-premise solutions can be often inadequate for companies that has branches spread across geographical locations and also those aim to integrate lot of functionalities such as talent management, learning etc. with the core HR modules.

    At HLB HMT, we offer cloud hosting of your HRMS applications on high-performance and high-speed cloud servers. The cloud hosting will ensure that all your tasks are executed quickly and parallelly, that too without any lag or slowness in processing. Our HRMS hosting services also takes very little downtime and executes without any hassles.

    Since its inception in the 1990s, cloud computing has come a long way, today moving your infrastructure to cloud not only modernizes your IT systems and help you in controlling operational costs, but it also helps you gain a competitive advantage in business to a large extent. We can help you define an enterprise cloud transformation strategy, which will be in align with you overall digital transformation strategy. The COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed us the important of cloud-based systems

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