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An acquisition procedure is critical to a business expansion plan. It is not simple to find and integrate a target firm that complements your entire set of objectives. You want to make absolutely sure a prospect matches exactly with your priorities, from recognizing potential targets to financial and valuation analyses to examining the compatibility of the business and development plan with your business.


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    Buy-Side M&A Advisory Services in UAE

    How Can HLB HAMT Assist You in Acquiring a Business?

    If you want to optimize your payback, you will need an experienced buy-side advisory service partner with an experienced acquisition procedure. The scope and complexity of HLB HAMT’s engagement is fully dependent on the client’s requirements. We give full support and advice throughout the acquisition process, based on our experience in a variety of sectors. Our team will work with you at all stages of this acquisition to ensure that your investments and interests are protected.

    • Target Identification

      Using our database and network, we can identify suitable targets in sectors and markets preferred by you. For sector-agnostic investors, we can help identify suitable targets and sectors that are most suited to your other general requirements.

    • Initial Screening

      We obtain the buyer’s information memorandum, audited financial statements, other related documents and screen these before making recommendations to you.

    • Visits and meetings

      We will assist you in coordination of initial meeting as well as visits to seller’s premises. Our senior team can also join you in making these visits and prepare a list of post-visit observations and action points to help in making further decisions on viability of the transaction.

    • Negotiations

      We support you in by participating in negotiations and will ensure to represent your interest in finalizing the transaction price and terms.

    • Analysis and Reviews

      Our team will assist in review of financial models and projections prepared by the seller and determine validity and justification of all assumptions used in the financial projections. Further, we can review any external Due Diligence reports on the seller and based on these can assist you in better understanding of the key risks determining adjustments that may need to be made to the transaction value.

    Benefits of Buy-Side M&A Advisory Services in UAE

    • Real-time analysis and identification of investment possibilities
    • Assess the sellers’ goals and make sure they align with client needs
    • An in-depth examination of major areas during acquisition period
    • A thorough understanding at the business’s strategic and operational qualities
    • Improve deal structuring and negotiation

    Bottom Line

    Acquisitions are sometimes the most cost-effective option for a business to expand. Businesses are painstakingly constructed over time, and their activities are shaped to meet organizational objectives. If not done correctly, proposing too many adjustments can be detrimental to a company’s long-term viability.

    There are several advantages to use buy-side services if you are considering purchasing a business. You may have a general concept of what you’re looking for and what you expect to benefit by buying a company, but a buy-side specialist advisor can help you speed up the process. Buy-side advisers have a lot of expertise with the process and may make it a lot simpler for you by negotiating and working for your better interests along the process.


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