Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai has a long history of being a safe, tax-free haven that has encouraged a wide range of industries, both small and large scale. Over the years, investors in Dubai have been increasingly interested in tax savings, and many have decided to invest in an offshore jurisdiction in order to take advantage of offshore company formation in Dubai.

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    Offshore Company Formation UAE

    The United Arab Emirates has opened its doors to the corporate world in an effort for offshore company formation in UAE for individuals all over the world. The UAE government has not made any concessions in terms of facilities and services, or any other facility for that matter. Investors have been attracted to the country for a variety of reasons, including the following:

    • Policies that are beneficial to business
    • Access to international finance
    • Sound legal framework
    • Infrastructure and interconnectivity at the highest level

    Offshore Company Setup Dubai

    An offshore company is a corporate entity founded in a reduced or no-tax location with the purpose of lawfully limiting tax payments and enhancing the investor’s asset management, and it runs beyond its home nation. A single shareholder can own an offshore business in Dubai, as well as shares in other firms. It doesn’t have to be an actual thing, but it does have to be listed in Dubai.

    The stages involved in an offshore company setup in UAE are as follows:

    An offshore corporation enables the ease of providing a digital office in Dubai, offering an excellent alternative for international expansion. A variety of steps must be followed in order to start an offshore company formation in UAE. The process of offshore business setup in Dubai is easy and straightforward.

    • Choose a company name – Once you’ve decided on your business’s activity, it’s important to give it a name. Before naming a company in the UAE, there are a few things to think about. You must follow a series of naming conventions that are both rigid and simple.
    • Fill out an application for a business license – Following the selection of a company name, applicants must complete an application form and submit a collection of supporting documents, which include the shareholders’ and directors’ addresses and identity proof, a well-written business strategy, passport copies of the shareholders and directors, and the shareholders’ CV.
    • Documents to be submitted – After gathering the required documents, they must be given to the right authorities, who will analyse them and provide the necessary licenses.
    • The Memorandum and Articles of Association are presented – After that, you must write the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) in English. The authorities inspect the documentation when it has been completed; if accepted, you can begin your business.
    • Get a Bank Account – The last step is to open an offshore bank account, which enables business owners to execute transactions more easily.

    The advantages of Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

    Offshore Company Formation

    Several tax advantages

    An offshore company setup in Dubai is completely tax-free, and you’ll be able to keep 100% of the profits. The tax breaks have drawn significant investment to the region, which has boosted the economy. This is advantageous to offshore enterprises doing business in the area.

    Offshore Company Formation

    Foreign ownership is 100 percent

    Another significant benefit is that the UAE permits foreign entrepreneurs to keep 100 percent ownership of their company. You can also operate in complete financial secrecy.

    Offshore Company Formation


    Establishing an offshore business in the UAE makes sense if you wish to operate with greater anonymity. The names of the directors and shareholders are not publicly known. (However, these must be reported to the Company Registry.)

    Offshore Company Formation

    Your investments are safeguarded

    The United Arab Emirates provides asset protection (the exact nature of this differs, depending on which state you establish your company in).

    Offshore Company Formation

    Operational costs are lower

    There are fewer regulatory requirements for reporting, so you won’t need to rent office space or pay people to be compliant. In some cases, you may even be able to work from a virtual office, which will save you a lot of money.

    Offshore Company Formation

    A solid legal foundation

    Court cases have the ability to bankrupt a company. Thankfully, if the worst happens, you’ll be protected by forming an offshore UAE company. Your personal assets will not be seized, and your other assets will be guarded as well.

    Offshore Company Formation

    Multi-currency bank accounts

    Offshore companies are able to open multi-currency bank accounts, which facilitate international business transactions while also assuring money security.

    Documents Required for Offshore Company Formation in UAE

    • Submit your application in the required format
    • Proof of address
    • Bank documents confirming the information, as well as a bank reference letter
    • Copies of the owner’s and shareholders’ passports
    • A copy of the designee manager’s passport
    • Memorandum of Association Notarized (MOA)
    • A business model
    • A curriculum vitae (CV) containing the owner’s professional information.

    JAFZA Offshore Company

    In Dubai, JAFZA Offshore is the only offshore jurisdiction. The Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) is an outstanding and preferred area to build your company because of the various opportunities and conveniences it offers, such as tax exemption and 100 per cent foreign ownership. JAFZA offshore is a global industrial and business hub that ensures total privacy and transparency.

    For offshore company formation in JAFZA, all you need to do is fill out an application and supply the following documents (listed below):

    • Copies of all shareholders’ passports
    • Owners’ curriculum vitae
    • Proof of address
    • If necessary, a bank reference letter or a bank statement from the previous six months is required.
    • 3 corporate names that you’d want to see
    • Choosing a business activity

    Features of a JAFZA Offshore Company

    • Shareholders

      Corporate shareholders are permitted, and a minimum of one shareholder is necessary. All corporation paperwork must be authenticated for international corporate shareholders.

    • Director

      There must be at least one director, and director information is not published on the public registry.

    • Secretary

      A secretary is required in any business. A corporate director might also serve as the secretary of the firm.

    • Capitalization of Shares

      There is no requirement for a minimum share capital;

    • Reporting Annually

      Every business is required to keep accounting records and employ an authorised auditor.

    The Advantages of Forming an offshore corporation in JAFZA

    • 100% Foreign Ownership – The JAFZA Offshore Companies Regulations do not require local shareholding.
    • Local Real Estate Ownership – The JAFZA Offshore Company is allowed to own real estate in Dubai.
    • Offshore Companies are permitted to own shares in both Free Zone and Onshore (LLC) companies, according to the government.
    • An offshore company can maintain multi-currency bank accounts in the UAE in order to conduct normal international transactions.
    • Shareholder/Director information – Shareholder and director names are not required to be listed on a public registry.

    Type of Company Setup in Dubai

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I start an offshore company in Dubai?

      For offshore company formation in Dubai, individuals or others can seek advice and assistance from the expert firm HLB HAMT.

    2. What are offshore companies in UAE?

      An offshore company is a legal corporation formed with the goal of conducting business outside of its registration jurisdiction and/or final ownership location.

    3. Is it easy to get a UAE resident visa through an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates?

      No. UAE visas are only available through Free Zones and Onshore Companies.

    4. Could it be possible for an offshore company to rent workspaces in the UAE?

      No. Every company, however, must have a registered location where it may receive mail and conduct other secretarial duties.

    5. Is a trade license required to do business offshore?

      Unlike an onshore firm, conducting business in the UAE does not require a business or trade license.

    6. Could there be a minimum amount of money needed to create an offshore company?

      There is no requirement for a minimum amount of money.

    7. Is it necessary for me to have a bank account in Dubai, or may I have an account anywhere in the world?

      Offshore companies in the UAE are commonly formed to take advantage of local banking services and a 0% tax rate. These businesses, on the other hand, could have accounts in other countries.

    8. What about privacy while forming an offshore company?

      All data and documents are maintained in total privacy.

    9. Is it possible for an offshore corporation to have employees?

      Offshore companies are not permitted to recruit workers or do business in the UAE.

    10. How long does it take to set up an offshore business in the UAE?

      The registration process might take anything from a week to three weeks. In the United Arab Emirates, business registration might take up to a week to complete.

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