Home Owners/Strata Association (HOA) in UAE

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    Owners Association is a non-profit organization that manages the common areas in jointly owned properties. Every freehold property in Dubai should have an owner’s association, comprising all the unit owners within that property as per Law. The Jointly Owned Property Law (Strata Law in DIFC), providing the provision for establishing an Owners Association to manage the common areas of buildings or communities in Dubai where there are multiple title deed holders. The responsibility of the Owners Association is for three key areas, i.e., management, monitoring and maintenance of the common areas of the property on behalf of the owners. The Homeowners Associations operating under the regulations of DIFC, known as Body Corporates, are also working with the same objectives mentioned above. Normally all Owners Associations/Body Corporates are delegating the responsibilities to a registered association manager.

    HLB HAMT is an approved auditor by RERA for the Audit and advisory services with Homeowners associations in the mainland of Dubai. We are also an approved auditor for DIFC audits related to Strata associations regulated by DIFC.

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