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In today’s regulatory environment, AML/CFT compliance is more important than ever. It is essential for businesses to take the required measures to ensure they are AML/CFT compliant given the increased scrutiny from authorities and the potential for reputational and financial losses due to non-compliance.

Along with our core AML/CFT compliance services, HLB HAMT also provides an array of other support services to assist companies in managing their operations profitably and successfully. We have a committed group of experts that are highly knowledgeable and experienced in this field to assist companies in meeting their AML/CFT obligations.

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    HLB HAMT’s AML/CFT Support Services

    Assistance in goAML Registration

    The UAE’s current AML/CFT laws, regulations, and standards, in addition to global best practices, must serve as the foundation for any AML/CFT policy and procedures that are to be effective. We assist you in creating AML/CFT policies, processes, and safeguards, which is the foundational element of the Compliance framework.

    AuP on Remittance Intermediate Account (RIA)

    Our team of professionals can offer you an evaluation of the remittance intermediate account (RIA) and advice on how to put an efficient AML programme for RIA into place.

    Review of Existing AML/CFT Policies & Systems

    We can examine your current AML/CFT policies and procedures to identify areas for improvement and offer suggestions for enhancing your compliance programme.

    Preparation of Templates, Checklists & Training Assessments

    Our experts can help you create templates, checklists, and training tests that are specific to the AML compliance needs of your organisation.

    Recommendations on Software for Sanctions Screening & Customer Risk Assessment

    To assist you in adhering to AML/CFT laws, we suggest software tools for sanctions screening and customer risk assessment.

    Risk & Fraud Management Outsourced

    Our experts can help you outsource risk and fraud management, giving you a complete AML/CFT risk management solution.

    Assistance in Preparing Reports to Regulators

    To make sure that your company complies fully with AML/CFT requirements, we can help you prepare periodic or adhoc reports to regulatory authorities.

    Assistance in Responding to Regulatory Questionnaires

    To help you comply with regulations and stay out of trouble, our staff can assist you with responding to regulatory surveys, questionnaires, and assessments.


    HLB HAMT to Assist!

    Businesses need to have strong AML/CFT compliance in place sooner than later given the rise in financial crime and regulatory scrutiny. AML/CFT requirements must be followed in order to avoid serious financial, reputational, and legal repercussions.

    Overall, HLB HAMT is dedicated to providing the greatest level of service excellence to support the success of your business, whether you need help with primary AML/CFT compliances or our support services.



    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    1. What are the repercussions of breaching AML/CFT regulations?

      AML/CFT legislation violations can have serious repercussions, such as financial fines, criminal accusations, and reputational harm. FIs, DNFBPs, and VASPs that violate AML/CFT standards risk fines and legal action from regulatory bodies, as well as possible economic loss and reputational harm.

    2. What is AML/CFT compliance so crucial?

      AML/CFT compliance is crucial because it aids in the prevention and detection of financial crimes including money laundering and terrorism funding, which may significantly affect both global and national security. FIs, DNFBPs, and VASPs may safeguard their reputation, avert legal and financial repercussions, and make sure they are compliant to the AML/CFT requirements.

    3. How long does it typically take to complete a review of existing AML/CFT policies, processes, and systems?

      The time required to complete a review of existing AML/CFT policies, processes, and systems can vary depending on several factors including the size and complexity of the organization, the scope of the review, the availability of relevant documentation, and the number of staff involved in the process.

      Typically, a review of AML/CFT policies, processes, and systems can take several weeks to several months to complete. The review process may involve conducting interviews with key personnel, reviewing relevant documents and data, and assessing the effectiveness of the organization’s AML/CFT program.

    4. How can HLB HAMT’s other support services help with AML/CFT compliance?

      FIs, DNFBPs, and VASPs can benefit from HLB HAMT’s AML/CFT Support Services by receiving professional advice and direction on AML/CFT laws and best practices. We assure a high level of compliance with AML/CFT legislation and assist our customers in keeping up with the changing regulatory areas.

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