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To be compliant with all local and international data privacy laws is no easy task, especially during the current pandemic situation and the ever-so-changing nature of these privacy laws. We at HLB HAMT can help you be compliant with all new laws and regulations set by authorities like ADGM and DIFC, which sometimes your top management falters to notice or rather are unaware about. ADGM, mandates organizations and firms to file information such as financial and regulatory reports on a periodic basis. This allows ADGM to track their activities and financial health regularly and take necessary actions. These regulations are mandatory to follow, and preventive measures must be taken if any issue or non-compliance is found.

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    What do we do?

    Our experienced IT Audit & Assessment team will help you remain compliant in operations, finance & accounting, human resource management, and operations by suggesting remedial changes to the issues found in these areas. We have experience and expertise in regulatory and compliance advisory services. Our extensive knowledge in UAE commercial regulations and laws of ADGM, DIFC, etc. allow us to provide relevant and timely advice to our customers in varied situations. Successfully complying with all policies and procedures will help safeguard your financial and reputational goodwill and will portray you as a responsible organization.

    • Understanding your organizational structure and define roles, responsibilities & information architecture
    • Review company policy and identify the level of security protection to be applied within and outside the organization
    • Assessing risks from various departments through constant communication with the process owners and administration
    • Periodic assessment through Vulnerability & Penetration testing and addressing regulatory changes with the same
    • Overhaul of the management and governance system and suggesting additional resources if needed
    • Self-assessment filing support

    What are the risks of not complying with ADGM regulations?

    There are a lot of potential risks and other challenges associated with non-complying with standards set by ADGM. Apart from the hefty fines and other sanctions imposed, the goodwill of your company will be at stake. The additional audits after the non-compliance discovery from the regulatory bodies can be highly time-consuming and expensive, not to mention the overall mental pressure. Moreover, it could hamper your expansion plans and pull back your future growth by a lot as such issues can create an impact among shareholders and the public. Even after penal actions and fines, the damage caused to your brand value and image would be way beyond repair. The government organization can even revoke your business licenses, declare a moratorium, and can even lead to imprisonment of top management members.

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