Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security Standard (ADHICS) Standards

Comply with Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security Standard (ADHICS) Standards

Ever since the Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security (ADHICS) Standard was announced by The Department of Health, Abu Dhabi (DoH), it has set a benchmark for the healthcare industry in Abu Dhabi. The compliance also acts as a comprehensive guide to healthcare data regulation in the emirate. Our team of certified IT Audit & Assessment experts will help you to get aligned with all ADHICS norms and guidelines. We also provide you with all necessary aid to overhaul or modify your operations to meet the compliance norms. From gap analysis to final compliance check, our team can help you with all post-incorporation guidelines as well.

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    Why the ADHICS standard is important for all stakeholders, especially insurance providers?

    The ADHICS standard covers all health care entities within the Abu Dhabi emirate which will be regulated by DoH. The standard will be applicable to all healthcare professionals, Dental & Medical Centres and their staff, laboratories, pharmacies, and insurance providers. The standards set minimum requirements for specific processes and define the related roles, the structure, the responsibilities are defined and the interactions of insurance providers, professional staff and the insurers. The policies are designed in such a way that it intends to provide regulatory consistency and have scope to incorporate the future evolution of the Abu Dhabi health system.

    Why self-assessment is important & How HLB HAMT can help?

    You may have lots of legacy systems in place that may cause serious security risks and will be vulnerable to impending threats. Sometimes you will be so comfortable with your current IT infrastructure and security practices that, you will be reluctant to change it. The IT integration should be set up in a structured manner and under a single unified control framework. Through self-assessment procedures, you would be able to resolve most of the challenges you might face during the ADHICS compliance integration and implementation processes.

    At HLB HAMT, we provide the following ADHICS compliance consultations

    • Identifying critical assets & services
    • Defining ADHICS risk treatment plan
    • Mapping the current state to ADHICS standard
    • Identifying critical threats and vulnerabilities resulting in risk
    • Cyber security control scouting
    • Rehaul of Management & Operational controls
    • Support in conducting self-assessment programs
    • Conducting awareness training programs on cyber security

    Looking for help in conducting a self-assessment to comply with ADHICS standards, talk to our experts today!

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