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With the help of SAP HANA’S unique architecture, SMEs are now able to process their records faster and get real insights into their performance matrices. This real-time analysis can be done by the team itself without any external specialist expert help. Our ERP consultants at HLB HAMT has helped out many SMEs streamline their process flow through SAP B1 solutions and add-ons.

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    The difference between SAP B1 and SAP B1 HANA

    The main difference between both is the usage of in-memory technology in SAP B1 HANA whereas the traditional SAP B1 uses the SQL version based on disk storage technology. Technically speaking, SAP B1 HANA enables convergent Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) in a single in-memory column-based data store minimizing data redundancy and latency.

    Why is SAP B1 powered by HANA one of the best solutions for SMEs in the UAE?

    SMEs around the globe have immense faith in SAP B1 to handle all their processes in a streamlined manner. With SAP HANA, those processes get a boost in their execution timings thanks to extremely swift application performance. Your planning cycles can be swifter, so can be your sales & manufacturing processes, your financial transactions can be completed in quick time, overall making your business more agile. The real-time analysis and simplified reporting landscape can help you gain valuable business insights.

    Areas where SAP B1 HANA can create a huge impact

    • Financials & Accounting
    • Customer Relationships & Pre-Sales
    • Service Support
    • Warehousing & Inventory
    • Logistics & Transportation
    • Purchasing & Procurement
    • Operations
    • Human Resources

    Features of SAP B1 HANA

    SAP HANA is an affordable, cost-effective solution that can easily scale and align with your future requirements. For e.g., if you are planning for an expansion including human resources, the software processing speed will not wither with more useful additions. SAP HANA offers an advanced Available-To-Promise app that gives you an account of your inventory & stock levels and even schedules your replenishments. The business reporting of SAP HANA can be compiled within a matter of few seconds, cumulating complex data analytics in real-time. The highly contextual organization dashboards can be embedded with relevant summaries of various KPIs. There is also a cash-flow forecasting app that helps to improve the visibility of your cash balance.

    For the features and performance, it is providing, we believe SAP HANA is priced attractively especially for SMEs. With lower ownership costs, fantastic analytical tools and scalability options, SAP HANA provides a greater value for your initial investment.

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