Importance of RPA in Ensuring Cybersecurity in UAE SMEs and MSPs

Cybersecurity threats have grown exponentially during the last few years, the ransomware attacks have been diverse and with serious repercussions for MSPs and SMEs alike. These cases, ranging from intellectual property theft to cyber espionage have increased even more dramatically now, thanks to the more usage of online platforms and tools in this pandemic hit world. As your cyber infrastructure increases, so should your protection. With so many systems, software and data, the approach towards cybersecurity should be precise and involving technologies that initiate ultra-quick remedial actions that require fewer human interventions. Our expert RPA development and consultant team can help you automate your cybersecurity practices by creating automated workflows.

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    Major Challenges for Cybersecurity in SMEs and MSPs

    Every day, never seen threats are coming in for SMEs and MSPs, the organization should be well equipped to face the incoming threats. There are a few clear challenges laid out.

    Why RPA for Cyber Security Practices?

    Precise 24*7 defence

    Guarding your business against potential attacks manually is always a risk, with RPA, BOTS can filter any unwanted phishing emails and restrict any kind of unwanted intrusions or virus spreads in your company network. More so, BOTS can act proactively against malware attacks and take decisions to how to address the incoming threats. RPA can also create role-based access to confidential data and any unauthorized access can be restricted by allowing specific credentials and by adding an extra layer of encryption. BOTS can map your end-to-end processes and can give constant suggestions on the areas to improve your security.

    Cost-Efficient & Swift processes

    Incident management will become more dynamic and uniform. RPA BOTS will do more job in less time and removes any repetitive tasks via pinpoint accurate planning and strategies. Since all the human interventions are removed, the error rate is minimal to none.

    Helps you remain compliant with data privacy laws & standards

    RPA solutions can help you remain compliant with both local and international privacy laws and standards such as NESA, ADGM, DIFC, GDPR, PCI DSS etc. Thanks to the precise Audit trails set by RPA BOTS, every single action and transaction are logged. Also, BOTS can take backups of all your data very systematically

    Reallocate your resources for more important tasks

    There is a clear shortage of cybersecurity professionals, and it is important to allocate your best staff for the high-value tasks. RPA BOTS can perform a lot of mundane weekly and daily tasks such as accumulating audit data into reports and entering data into the system. Moreover, these employees can raise their productivity and get better job roles and satisfaction due to this reallocation, whereas your regular tasks go on without any errors and much quicker.

    Seamless Data Migration from Legacy Systems

    As the technology is growing, more and more new platforms are added to your stacks replacing the old legacy systems. The data migration processes can be a difficult and time-consuming job for your employees, also classification and handling of sensitive data should be done with at most care and by eliminating any human errors. RPA BOTS can do this job accurately and pretty much in a fraction of manual process time.

    Data Leakage detection

    Data leakages are another major issue face by MSPs or SMEs, as sensitive data leakage can hamper a company’s reputation and goodwill. Pre-programmed RPA Bots can detect these leakages in real-time and throw notifications and alerts so that your staff can take remedial actions swiftly. This may include the wrong categorization of your data and sending of emails into a spam ID.

    As you can see, with RPA automated Cybersecurity solutions, an organization can drastically reduce the errors associated with the cyber threats and automate a lot of workflows which carves lot of your resource time. Above all, RPA can help in responding faster to a cyber threat thereby reducing any data losses and upholding the company’s goodwill.

    Get in touch with our RPA and Cybersecurity experts to know more about how you can implement the same in your organization.


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