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    Five-year multi-use visa for Tourists in UAE

    UAE has welcomed 2020 with a great news for tourists; a five-year multi-use visa. The visa will be implemented in the upcoming four months and people of all nationalities can avail it.
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    World Logistics Passport

    The world logistic passport is the recent initiative by the government of UAE, which is a part of the implementation of the first phase of the Dubai Silk Road strategy. It offers certain operational and financial advantages to businesses, specifically the ones into shipping.
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    Virtual License

    With the recently launched virtual scheme, residency in Dubai is no more mandatory for you to obtain a license. The first of its kind, virtual license is granted to individuals who don’t stay in Dubai, at a cost of Dh850 per year. For two-year visa one will have to pay Dh1,508, and Dh2,161 for three years.
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