Consultancy industry is one of the most diverse markets, which has witnessed a sharp increase in the last couple of years. A consultancy team gives expert guidance on a specific service, solves problems and helps clients achieve their goals. Their deep, functional expertise unravels complex problems pretty fast and increases the business performance of clients. Consulting is all about helping an organization become more efficient and expand.

There are a wide range of consultancies and each type of consultancy possess qualities specific to their industry. Some of the prominent consultancy services are fixed asset management, organizational consultancy, inventory verification services, HR consultancy and investment opportunity. Relying on a consultant is paramount when it comes to the successful functioning of an organization.

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    HLB HAMT offers services in:

    • Fixed Asset Management: Helps in preparing an asset register and managing it regularly by tracking the movement of assets
    • Organizational Consultancy: Strategic and Operational consulting engagements that help in running business efficiently, improving operational effectiveness, and achieving business growth.
    • Inventory Verification services: Conducts inventory verification and gives insights into stock along with a proper reconciliation of existing stock records.
    • HR Consultancy: Client support services in various sectors of recruitment and associated services across diverse industry sectors.
    • Investment opportunity:  We help you identify the best investment opportunities and see to it that your money doesn’t get wasted.

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