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HLB HAMT is the leading IT System Auditing consulting firm based in the UAE. We provide end-to-end IT System audit services. We provide Information Assurance, Cybersecurity and Business Continuity planning Etc. services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and throughout the UAE. We offer comprehensive IT system audit services.

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     What is an IT system Audit?

    A detailed examination of a company’s entire IT infrastructure and how it is currently used, including operations and regulations Audits determine whether controls to protect IT assets are in place, effective, and in line with the goals and objectives of the company.

    In the UAE, information system auditing is becoming more common, and it has become the focus of auditing. HLB HAMT is a market leader in providing information audits with several added benefits. People’s perspectives have shifted because of advances in information technology. Auditing an organization’s IT infrastructure and security systems is critical, regardless of its size or industry. Information system audits in the UAE promote transparency and provide a summary of the company’s current information system.

    The components are evaluated using standard procedures and protocols. HLB HAMT has a strong team of IT audit experts with extensive experience conducting information system audits in the UAE to respond to the evolving needs and growing demands of entrepreneurs.

    We work in a wide range of industries and on a wide range of technology platforms. Our audit professionals understand risk and how to improve the performance of your company. Our experts evaluate the risk and effectiveness of your methods and can assist you in developing risk mitigation strategies.

    Our Services

    Information Assurance

    Information assurance is the process of controlling the risks associated with the use, processing, storing, and transmission of information. In the IT industry, numerous different types of data breaches can be brought on by viruses, Trojan horses, phishing attacks, etc.

    IT Risk Assessment in UAE

    IT auditors can help you identify potential threats and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure. They can also assist you in assessing how it may affect factors like data availability, confidentiality, and integrity. The risks and potential effects of any breach can then be reduced by taking the proper countermeasures based on our input.


    As a cybersecurity consultant in the UAE, we help our clients approach cybersecurity strategically, lowering the risks involved. By utilizing the full range of our strategy or technology service capabilities, we can assist you in aligning your security program. We believe we have the depth of internal knowledge and technical expertise required to address information security challenges.

    Business Continuity Planning

    What would happen if you woke up the next day to a natural disaster or a major data breach? The impact of such disruptions on your business will be far-reaching. You must not give up hope; you must rise and spring back into shape for the sake of your company.


    Vulnerability and penetration testing (VAPT) enables companies to be defiant in the face of legitimate cyberattacks. This test will highlight the vulnerabilities in all of your technology assets, from servers to computers to firewalls and networks. VAPT is essential for any company, large or small, to identify its vulnerabilities and compromised areas.

    ISO Compliance

    We assist you in obtaining various ISO certifications and in becoming compliant with the same. ISO, or the International Standards Organization, is an independent body that provides the organization’s standards. A standard can be defined as the quality, safety, and efficiency of a company’s services or products.

    Data Privacy and Security

    Today’s organizations prioritize increased privacy regulations, stakeholder profitability demands, and changing consumer privacy expectations. As a result, the emphasis on personal data is increasing, and businesses are confronted with a complex reputational, regulatory, and data privacy risk environment.

    Gap Analysis Service

    Our expert consultants can assist you in identifying such areas of weakness and determining which areas are vulnerable to attacks. We can also assist you in identifying policy, technology, security, process, and strategy performance gaps. The analysis will also shed light on how to bridge such gaps and implement corrective measures.

    The Benefits of Information System Audit Services in the UAE 

    Risk reduction: The risk of IT operations’ integrity, availability, and confidentiality are addressed by information system auditing in the UAE. Auditing improves dependability by identifying and mitigating a wide range of risks.

    Data security: Once the risks have been identified, the company can redesign or strengthen the insecure design, resulting in secure data.

    System analysis: An IT audit will tell you if you’re getting a good deal on a system. This ensures that the system is efficient and meets all the objectives.

    IT management: An information system audit in the UAE ensures that all company laws and regulations are followed by personnel and the IT department. This contributes to better IT governance and management.

    Why choose us?

    When conducting an information system audit in the UAE, HLB HAMT offers a wide range of advantages, including:

    • Standardization
    • increased business effectiveness
    • Control of system processes
    • Recovery from disasters and emergency preparation
    • Utilize a related system to manage data.

    We make sure that the data produced by electronic systems is accurate and suitable for decision-making. Information system audit services in the UAE assess the environment’s and IT systems’ controls in addition to being reliable.

    Information system audits are performed by our qualified team to lower risk and identify effective risk-prevention measures. Keep your company’s sensitive information safe! Let us assist you. Contact us right away!

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