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HLB HAMT kickstarts "HLB HAMT Heroes" initiative to encourage employee volunteerism for sustainability

December 5, 2022

HLB HAMT, the pioneers among the audit and tax advisory firms, unveiled a novel program called “HLB HAMT Heroes” to promote environmental causes and offer advice on ESG activities, as well as foster employee interaction with the community and clientele, in honour of the United Nations’ International Volunteer Day, which takes place on December 5, 2022.

Mr. Hisham Ali Mohamed Al-Taher, the founder and chairman of HLB HAMT, was happy to announce HLB Hamt Heroes, which intends to begin many volunteer programs around the UAE targeted at improving people’s lives and communities.

As part of the platform, the team will engage the neighbourhood as well as clientele, including corporate organizations, to help them incorporate sustainability controls into their operations and champion the cause of reducing environmental impact through CSR initiatives.

The HLB Heroes program was designed, according to Mr. Vijay Anand, CEO and Partner of HLB HAMT, “to promote the concept that business organizations’ collective volunteerism is a kind of civic participation that is essential and advantageous for everyone.”

The “HLB HAMT Heroes” will show the best of their passion and commitment in support of the UN project that emphasizes the power of collective humanity to inspire volunteers throughout the world. By promoting sustainability and CSR among them, HLB HAMT’s long-term plan is to assist mid-tier enterprises in implementing ESG principles as part of their corporate reporting obligations.

Considering the UAE Government’s ambitious focus on sustainability, environmental preservation, and climate change mitigation, “We are certain that this effort will contribute to the welfare of society,” said Mr. John Varghese, Managing Partner of HLB HAMT.

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