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    Do you happen to see chirpy faces at your workplace, beginning of every week? Or, do your employees come to office grudgingly with a gloomy, unpleasant face? If the former is correct in the case of your employees, that shows how successful your company is in maintaining a healthy and friendly environment. An employee who is not happy and passionate about his work can neither be successful nor productive.

    Employees spend a considerable amount of time at their workplace; it’s more like their second home. So, it is mandatory that workplace should never be a pressure cooker. Constant pressure from employers can result in high level of stress, that can lead to depression and employees will develop hatred towards their own firm.

    “Employee engagement” is the emotional connect that the employee has towards their organization and its objectives. An engaged employee will always try to give their best each day, will value the company and will treat the goals of the company as their own. They will feel motivated to contribute to the success of the organisation.

    An engaged employee tries to make a difference in the company and will be ready to go an extra mile without being asked to. For them pay check will be secondary, their primary objective will be meeting the goals of the organization on time.

    Employee engagement might be an alien term for certain companies, who treat their employees as a commodity. They work hard and smart for long hours, bring in positive results; but their effort goes unheeded. Employees are an asset to the company, their work must be appreciated from time to time, with proper rewards and perks. It is the responsibility of the company to develop a healthy and flexible environment, where employees can share their grievances and complaints.

    Maintaining Work-life balance is extremely important for a successful career and family life. Work-life balance is nothing but dividing your time between family and work, being able to fulfil the necessities of your family as well as company.

    It is advisable to arrange recreation programs occasionally, so that the employees feel connected with the organization they work for. Majority of the companies make it a point to celebrate birthdays of their employees, go on trips and team lunches, thus enhancing the bonding between employers and employees. But the question is, can we add more to it? Inviting families of employees to functions and parties at the office and encouraging them to perform and involve themselves will be icing on the cake. How about awarding the spouse of the employee along with the employee at Rewards and Recognition programs? This way not only the employee, but the entire family develops a positive outlook towards the company, inspiring the employee to be more productive.

    When it comes to making strategic decisions in the company, try to engage your employees, so that they feel more connected. A major U.S. airline headquartered in Dallas, Texas, planned to come up with a new uniform design for their employees. Instead of approaching an external agency to take up the contract, they contacted their employees to share their thoughts and suggestions on the same. The result was overwhelming! Thousands expressed their interest and the company had to shortlist 43 employees, who met in Chicago and Dallas fortnightly, to collaborate on the design. The team was successful in designing the best uniform and many of them recall it as an ‘unforgettable experience’. Here the key factor is not designing the uniform in the best possible manner but engaging their employees to be a part of the venture.

    If your employees love what they do, it can be seen on their face and work!

    As Stephen R. Covey, an American educator, puts it, “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

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