Business Set up in SAIF Zone

SAIF Zone is the world’s first ISO certified Airport Free zone and the only Emirate with seaports on the East and West coasts. It showers immense benefits on companies involved in aviation business, airport and related infrastructure and companies that carry out trading of perishable products. Apart from these, Sharjah Airport Free Zone is home to a broad spectrum of business sectors such as business consultancy, management consultancy, IT consultancy, selective industrial businesses such as trading in oil and gas products, import and export, technical equipment, logistics, warehouse distribution and storage, etc.

Benefits of Business Setup in SAIF Zone

  • Complete foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No income and corporate taxes
  • On site labour accommodation
  • Lease period up to 25 years
  • Access to ports in the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean
  • Sponsorship and visas for all staff

Types of License

1. Trade License

     a. Commercial License: Permits the import, export, distribution, consolidation and warehousing of items specific in the license.

     b. General Trading: General Trading license allows large number of products and it can be obtained under a commercial license.

2. Service License

All type of services are allowed under this license unless restricted by the Federal or local authorities.

3. Industrial License

With the help of an industrial license, one can import raw material, manufacture, process, assemble, package and export the finished product.

Types of Companies

  • Free zone Establishment (FZE)
  • Free zone Company (FZC)
  • Branch of Foreign Company
  • Branch of UAE Company

You can start your dream firm in SAIF Zone in less than no time, as it provides all the required licenses and permits within 24 hours of submitting the documents. HLB HAMT can make the process easier for you, by taking care of documentation and legal formalities with utmost efficiency and minimal costs. Decades of experience in company formations enable our professionals to formulate customized solutions depending on your needs.

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