Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

For businesses looking to establish a significant foothold in the UAE, a mainland business setup in Dubai is the ideal choice. Onshore companies are businesses that are incorporated on the mainland. Trading with other businesses in the UAE mainland gives you access to a larger market.

In Dubai mainland, HLB HAMT has served companies of all sizes to launch their operations in a range of industries. We can provide our customers with information and expertise about the establishment of a mainland firm in Dubai. Our depth of experience enables us to simplify and streamline the process. We provide you with a thorough overview of how to start and operate a business.

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    Why Company Formation in the Dubai Mainland?

    In Dubai, there has never been a better moment for mainland company formation in Dubai. Dubai’s mainland license is a popular option among the startups and entrepreneurs in the area because of its business-friendly policies, adaptable regulatory regime, simple business approvals, and speedy timeframe.

    Due to the following factors, establishing a business in Dubai Mainland is a wise choice:

    Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

    Geographical Location

    In terms of the Middle East, the UAE proves to be a crucial position. It enables corporate expansion and provides an opportunity for investors to access other Gulf nations.

    Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

    Beneficial Economic Principles

    The UAE government offers a variety of incentives to business investors, such as 100% foreign ownership, no personal income tax, etc., to encourage them to go ahead and start the company establishment procedures for various sectors.

    Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

    Strong Network Connectivity

    The UAE has good connectivity across sea, air, and land routes, which enables it to simplify its logistics operations.

    Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

    Visas are easily acquired

    The procedure for obtaining a visa for Dubai is uncomplicated. Business entrepreneurs can easily apply for a resident visa and an investor visa.

    Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

    Access to Office Spaces

    When it pertains to business facilities, Dubai Mainland has become more and more of a centre point. As a result, you never have to worry about finding an office space for your business.

    Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

    Tax Benefits

    Foreign investors gain from tax-related advantages in Dubai. The fact that income tax payment is not needed becomes a salient factor.

    Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

    Simple Business Formation Process

    When it relates to the establishment of a business, Dubai Mainland offers a simple way to start and finish the procedure. In order to finish the process more quickly, it is better for business owners to consult with experienced business consultants in Dubai.


    The Three Types of Mainland Companies in Dubai

    • Limited Liability Company (LLC): The most popular type of business entity in the UAE. A limited liability company can be created by shareholders with a minimum of two and a maximum of fifty.
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    • Branch of Foreign Office: For investors searching for a base to expand their firm, Dubai offers chances. If you’re looking for a stage to grow, you could open a branch office in Dubai Mainland.
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    • Professional Firms: They are devoted to a particular profession to carry out the professional practises connected to their field. They also operate under the name civil firms.
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    The Stages Required for Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    A business registered in DED (Department of Economic Development) is considered to be Mainland Company in UAE. It implies that if you decide to run a business on the UAE Mainland, you must register your company with the DED. The DED will then issue you a business license so that you can begin operating there. Let’s explore the various steps required for gaining a license.

    • Business Activity: Choose the category of business activity as your first step.
    • Select a trade Name: Select a name that is appropriate for your line of work.
    • Business Location: All businesses must have a physical address in order to operate.
    • Select the legal framework: Your ownership, the total number of shareholders, and other factors will all depend on the legal framework.
    • Apply for initial Approvals: It is to verify if the business name is authorized and that the company can be formed.
    • Prepare MOA: Creating a Memorandum of Association (MOA) based on the data obtained.
    • Attestation: A process called attestation includes a competent authority verifying documents.
    • License Issued: Investors will receive the business license upon the completion of the aforementioned procedures.

    The Advantages of Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

    • Exemption from personal income tax
    • Direct trade between foreign entrepreneurs and the local market
    • Full repatriation of capital and profits
    • No restrictions on currency
    • For mainland businesses, the minimum capital required is 0%
    • Trouble-free legal processes for registering and obtaining a license
    • Obtaining of employment visas is simple
    • Possibility of a wide range of commercial activities
    • The registration process is easy and uncomplicated.

    How does HLB HAMT help you register a mainland company in Dubai?

    For those who are unfamiliar, company formation in Dubai mainland might be challenging.  To start, you’ll need to navigate all the legal and administrative processes in addition to having the necessary commercial expertise to succeed in the UAE market.

    HLB HAMT makes every effort to help investors during the business setup in Dubai mainland. In order to help investors make well-informed decisions about company formation in Dubai, our skilled professionals offer thorough business consultation and a plethora of details.

    Type of Company Setup in Dubai


    Frequently Asked Questions : Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

    1. Do you wish to find out details regarding how to start up a business in mainland Dubai?

      Consult the HLB HAMT professionals who want to make these procedures smoother for you. Our professionals not only oversee the establishment of your firm but also help you with any frequent queries that could come up.

    2. What refers to the mainland in Dubai?

      Businesses may conduct their operations in the UAE Mainland Zone, which is an economic zone or jurisdiction. The Department of Economic Development (DED) issues licenses to businesses with offices in the Dubai Mainland.

    3. Do special permits for business operations in Dubai mainland are required?

      Certain businesses in the UAE cannot be established using standard business licenses alone. They need specific permission from relevant authorities, such as the Ministry of Health, civil defence, police, etc., due to the nature of their operations.

    4. What is the mainland license for Dubai?

      A mainland license, often referred to as an onshore license, enables people to do business without limitations both within the UAE and internationally.

    5. What are the things to know before setting up business in Dubai?

      It is essential to be aware of the different procedures that must be followed and their associated fees before beginning a business in Dubai Mainland. Obtaining a mainland license in Dubai is one such procedure.

    6. In Dubai, what does LLC mean?

      In the UAE, limited liability companies (LLCs) are the most popular business structure. Only one partner is required to start an LLC company with a maximum of 50 partners.

    7. What is meant by a DED License?

      A government organization called DED, or the Department of Economic Development, is in charge of regulating trade and commercial operations in Dubai Mainland. The DED grants licenses that let you do business in the Dubai Mainland.

    8. Is Dubai mainland an ideal location to launch a business?

      People who work in business may profit greatly from Dubai’s ease of doing business, safeguarding of their property rights, financial stability, a high quality of life, secure commerce, and finest business rules. For those looking to launch a business in Dubai, these factors serve as an excellent source of inspiration.

    9. What does it cost to set up a business on Dubai’s mainland?

      The business activity, company size, and locality of your office space all affect how much it will cost to start a business on the Mainland. Therefore, a 100% estimate is not feasible. To find out the precise amount, get in touch with us.

    10. Can I launch my business with full ownership?

      It is indeed feasible. Inform the authorities of your company’s requirements.

    11. I want to start a business in Dubai. Do I need to provide any capital?

      The minimum capital requirement to start a business in Dubai mainland is AED 50000.

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