IFRS Financial Statements

Are you facing difficulty in preparing IFRS financials because of;

  • Disruption of regular activities of accounting staff
  • Lack of quality staff due to cost or availability
  • Inconsistencies on the application of accounting policies
  • Awareness or understanding issues on latest standards or its amendments and industry best practices
  • Financial agencies or suppliers asking in-house financial statements

HLB HAMT’s highly skilled professionals can help you tackle all these problems and prepare general purpose financial statements in IFRS framework in a timely, accurate and understandable manner with due professional care.

This will help the management reduce the opportunity to gain synergies and efficiencies and resulting reduced costs, so the management can concentrate on making important business decisions and accounting staff can concentrate on their daily activities.

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Our methodology

  • Understand the entity and its business segments
  • Develop the financial statements template according to the business and according to the revised or new IFRS and related interpretations
  • Prepare information request list and circulating among staff including different departments
  • Assist or train the staff to respond the information request lists and reconciliations
  • Work with the proven technologies


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