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“The financial statements are the responsibility of management,” always appear prominently in most of the auditor’s communications, including the audit report and eventually the preparation for the statutory audit will be always challenging for the management.

The management and accounting staff often do not have the time or expertise to prepare accurate financial statements and audit file or answer all the questions that arise during the audit by statutory auditors. Many times, this results in inefficient audit, and a less than satisfying experience for everyone involved in this process.

HLB HAMT has an experienced team of professionals, who have exposure in different industry segments, deep knowledge in IFRS Framework and familiarity with International standards on auditing and quality assurance.

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Hassle-free audit process

Our accounting team at HLB enable a smooth and hassle-free audit process. Our services include the following:

  • Year-end closing process
  • Preparation of lead schedules
  • Analyze or reconcile accounts
  • Initiate confirmations for mailing
  • Evaluate or select accounting policies or procedures
  • Prepare financial statements or footnote disclosures
  • Evaluate and determine estimates included in financial statements
  • Preparation of calculation sheets and supporting schedules
  • Establish account grouping or classifications in the financial statements
  • Follow up with PBC list provided by the external auditor
  • Answering queries of external auditor related to the above

We can also assist you on industry-specific issues:

  1. Real estate or developer companies
    We will help you to recognize revenue in accordance with IFRS 15 for all the development projects, which includes the retrospective application, calculation sheets, cost allocation, transfer to inventory and development in progress. This will be performed in consideration with RERA guidelines.
  2. Construction and contracting companies
    Our experienced industry-specific staff can help you to calculate and prepare the revenue recognition and contract work in progress tables in line with IAS -11 / IFRS-15 in order to have a proper closing of accounts. Also, we can assist with the fair valuation of financial assets and impairment on investments.


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